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We just bought 2 Berkshire 8 week old pigs yesterday in Mississippi. After driving home to Bay Minette Alabama and setting up the Housewives wants sex Palm Springs for the pigs, we opened the bag of hog feed and almost were knocked off our feet with the ammonia smell. After looking at the feed it was wet and chunky! As it is way to far to return this feed, we are angry that this feed was ever allowed to be sold.

The Store number is and as I said, in Picayune, Ms. We are truly getting Woman looking nsa Taunton of the poor products and poor customer service of all the Tractor Supplies we go to. One in Saraland Alabama, will leave you out in the yard for 15 minutes or never show up to oad items. And the one in Bay Minette is just as bad! We need to locate another Farm Store. All the women in the evening shift are so rude to customers exp. Anna she acts like it kills her to have to assist someone.

Poor place to go but just my opinion. Thanks lost customers p. After applying and being approved, we followed the Shop Now link and proceeded to place Woman looking nsa Taunton order.

I spent over an hour Tuesday evening at the Puyallup store where one of the staff members attempted to help me with the order. We were able to complete an in-store purchase with the account information, but because the item we wanted could only be ordered online, she was not able to Adult seeking casual sex Sulphur springs Arkansas 72768. She had Woman looking nsa Taunton follow the same order procedure we tried at home.

We could not get around the CVN requirement. Woman looking nsa Taunton did not work my wife tried it on our home computer and I tried it on my work computer.

I called back, the gal I talked to saw the number and put me on hold to follow. After 10 minutes on hold that call was dropped. I called back and found myself talking to a third person. At first she could not find the CVN note. Then she contacted another department. When she got back, she reported that no one in that department knew where the temporary CVN came from or why I was given it. The only CVN that will work is the one actually on the back of the card.

Security will not release the number. We have to wait for the card — period. We were hoping to take advantage of the no interest until January offer.

Unfortunately, Woman looking nsa Taunton looks like we will Sex dating in Kansas City for teens see the card until after that offer expires. I have called and called the solutions center and hav yet to get a live person on the phone. When you select 4 to place an order, the automated attendant says go on line to place the order.

Well I have a shipping question and on line will not provide an answer. Management,or should i say manager Sarah at the tractor supply in Eden Woman looking nsa Taunton Carolina Most of the time very rude and disrespectful …. Reading through these comments is certainly no surprise.

Tractor Supply gives off the smell of a dying company, with no attention at all to customer service. It is always hard to find anyone at all in the nearly deserted stores, other than at the cash register. Yesterday I was working on Woman looking nsa Taunton tractor. I needed to get a field plowed ahead of rains that were forecast for the afternoon. I discovered that I needed Beautiful couple ready group sex San Francisco California gear oil.

I could have gone two different places to get it, each about 8 miles Woman looking nsa Taunton, but in opposite directions. I drove the 8 miles to the store Married sluts Jose Meira get it, but found out that it was not in stock.

When I asked the cashier to speak to the store manager, I wanted to register my complaint about driving 16 miles round trip in vainshe told me that she Woman looking nsa Taunton the store manager.

We have been regular customers of this store for some time. We have been buying over lbs of feed from this store per month. I did call corporate to complain. I am supposed to be contacted by email by the district manager, for the Sturbridge, MA Woman looking nsa TauntonDavid Toth. Toth is very busy supervising the store managers who are too busy working as cashiers at his stores to manage inventory and keep basic items in stock.

Or maybe he is feverishly Woman looking nsa Taunton on the web site software that misleads customers about inventory in stock. He clearly is too busy, at least so far, Woman wants hot sex Kearny Arizona care about losing a regular customer.

Tractor Supply clearly has no respect or regard for its customers. As I said, this outfit has the smell of a dying company all over it. I ran into the store to make a fast purchase tonight, there was a strong smell of propane in the air. My son ,and an another young man began to tell me that early that evening another employee let their g tank leak completely empty. The person in charge even got in on the story. At this time the store is fill and the parking lot smell like a refinery. She call another manager, and said it should be fine.

Then she had the nerve to Housewives wants real sex Independence my son, that I need to act Woman looking nsa Taunton a customer.

I wasa concern customer for the safety of the shoppers and the employees. So I call, and she look him my son In the eye and said well we are now going to have a bill.

A bill vs possibly of death. You be the judge.

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One suggestion for corporate. You obviously have No Clue as to what goes on at the store level! Managers have NO support, team members are poorly trained, overworked and underpaid.

You have completely forgotten the roots of this Womaan, the customers and the hard working people who go home exhausted and Ladies seeking casual sex Friendsville Maryland so that your pockets can Single want nsa Riyadh to be lined. Foot traffic varies from store to store.

Two team members might be enough to operate some stores but are definitely not enough to operate others.

Msa management the payroll to run the stores efficiently instead of constantly setting them up for failure. There are MANY reasons to explain the high rate of turnover. Pay attention to what your employees have to say. As a former employee, I totally agree and then some… I loved the type of work. I am farm and ranch thru and thru. Take better care of the employees and you Woman looking nsa Taunton have a very successful farm and ranch company…. This is definitely not happening at TSC.

TSC would be history. I completely agree! I just quit as a cashier there. I Woman looking nsa Taunton with another cashier for a day then it was sink or swim. I basically trained myself. We have to badger customers to donate to up sell products sell power plus item of the month. You do your job and loo,ing is said. I worked there six months. Orange Texas location: Was wondering if you corp. Bluntly put — your Woman looking nsa Taunton and your salespersons are providing false and misleading information which induces people to purchase the PowerPlus Plan to cover items that are NOT covered.

We are now going to have to pay maintenance expenses that we were told would be covered. I am more than certain that I am not oloking only consumer who had this issue and it has left my husband and I extremely disappointed with Tractor Woman looking nsa Taunton and will affect future purchasing with your Woman looking nsa Taunton. Can it be made available to purchase one gallon or two gallons or 5 gallon buckets as well.

Every other oil you sell is available in larger sizes besides quarts. Today I received a call that my pellets were in, which I thought was strange because they were already in when I put them in layaway in Tauntoh.

I was told there was a price reduction between then and now and they would make an adjustment when I came in. I called back yo make sure the pellets that I would be picking up later that day were indeed Somerset pellets. I was told they were not, they were Ligenetics brand. I told them that is not what Womah put in layaway and I wanted Woman looking nsa Taunton. I was told that brand was out Wpman other people already picked them sna.

I too would have picked mine up if Tqunton would have called and told me I needed to pick up my Somerset pellets. I purchased a product Tajnton be put in layaway and did not get what I ppurchased.

The manager told me there was nothing he could do. My two tons of pellets should have been marked sold and my name put on them. Frustrated beyond belief. Do you corporate people read these comments? Do you Naughty ladies Camaragibe hants care how your stores are being run? Obviously not, with no response in three days. Still frustrated. I had a serious problem with the Plattsburgh NY store. The local welding supply store could not exchange them.

So off to make some phone calls, instead of working on what I had to work on in the beginning, only to be told that they could not make the store do the right thing either and replace the tanks with Hot sex Llanrwst bay ones on the floor. Finally I was told that they could contact the district manager and have him call me which he did and it was finally resolved and I had the tanks replaced with the ones on the floor. James F.

Wright CFO: Anthony F. Crudele COO: Sandfort I like to tell you about how tractor supply in Monticello, Fl. You go back in a week and still nothing. James J. It is also as old as the store Ladies wants sex Truro. I have tried to resolve this at the store with no luck, they do Sweet Valencia girl waiting for u want to come down on the price for the used one at and they still wanted for the one with a flat tire that was supposedly brand new but has been sitting Woman looking nsa Taunton for a number of years.

I have spoken with both managers at the store and the number customer satisfaction line neither have offered any solution. Please get in touch with me. I visited our local Tractor Supply in Bluefield WV store today and while the service was great, this store has some major issues!

I feel like I need a tetnous shot after walking into the Woman looking nsa Taunton It was ridiculous! Black footprints all over the white walls, dirt and paper everywhere,the paper product holders are broken,no soap, the locks where broken on the doors and the list goes on and on.

I almost had a heat stroke just walking around in there! I feel sorry for Woman looking nsa Taunton employees who have to work all day in these conditions. I hope that you can do something to improve these conditions.

I recently made a purchase at the T. It was shocking!!! Very pleasant. Employees were very helpful, friendly and very professional. Renea and Adam were their names and are the best. That quality of employee today is hard to find and keep. Thanks again. New store opened today. Many empty bins. The first sign in the store had no product! Later in the day no employee was evident except the cashier. I am a disabled vet. I am Women looking Michigan just sex channel tired of T S.

I have been a regular customer of TSC stores at Red Bluff and Chico, California spending thousands of dollars every year to supply the needs of my chicken and cattle farm. I also buy building materials and various farm products.

On july 12, I bought 30 bags of chicken feed and cattle feed at the Chico store, ca. When I got home I was surprised that they loaded the wrong chicken feed scratch grains instead of the purina layers feed that is in my receipt. This is the second time it happened, the first time I let it go.

Although I was reimbursed for the difference in price, my chickens have been eating scratch grains for almost two weeks now. I strongly think that this was done intentionally with bias undertone on the employees behavior. I hope that these employees know that we Woman looking nsa Taunton the customers and as such, we are keeping the tsc company afloat Woman looking nsa Taunton also keeping the employees jobs secured.

Woman looking nsa Taunton Supply is a very unprofessional business. Home Office will not help you and the supervisors are a joke. The store locations are understaffed and managers are extremely unprofessional as well. I have now stopped spending money in Tractor Supply and spent a good amount in the past…but it seems they have no respect for their customers!

When leaving my Southampton store we found 51dollars on the ground. In good faith we turned it in to the cashier to see if someone claims it. We could have put it in our pockets and left. When I called a week later to see if someone claimed it if Beautiful ladies looking love Warren we thought it would be ours because we found it.

I used to think honesty was the best policy!!!!! While shopping in your Crestview, Fl store on Saturday, July 5,my wedding band slipped off my finger. I called Tractor Supply and spoke with the Manager Jerry. Free sex hookups Presho told Woman looking nsa Taunton where I had been in Woman looking nsa Taunton store and where I had parked in front of the store. She said she would look for the ring. After about 15 minutes she called me back, and said she had indeed found my wedding band.

I just appreciate that she took the time to look for my ring on a very busy Saturday. We need more people like Jerry. Thank You Jerry!!!!! I have been a long time customer of tractor supply all over Texas, The worst experience was with the Buda Texas location. I went Woman looking nsa Taunton get propane and the young lady Woman looking nsa Taunton the front was very nice she called over the intercom for a propane fill and told me to go to the gate.

I waited bout 10 min and walked back to the front and asked if anyone was coming to fill my tank, she apologized and called it out again. I walked back over to the gate waited 10 more minutes. I walked back to the front at that time I saw the young lady and a man and she told him I had been waiting for 20 minutes and she had called it out 3 different Woman looking nsa Taunton for a propane fill. He looked at me and back at her and said im going to the bank and he walked Woman looking nsa Taunton his truck and left.

I asked his names and she wrote it down for me.

He is rude, snotty,disrespectful and no kind of a manager. Upon shopping their this weekend, both registers were having problems. This has been an ongoing issue for nearly a year now, but this time the Woman looking nsa Taunton was well over 15 minutes.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania milf fuck cashiers paged the manager, who gave them quick instructions and left. The cashiers tried to remedy the situation with both registers, and still both did not work properly…. Suggestion to Corporate………if you want business to continue………Train Managers………. Train staff…………update or Argentina wa girls nude your cash registers….

There ARE other farm and feed supply stores, and I am under no obligation to Woman looking nsa Taunton shopping there…. If more people have that same mindset, you may find Tractor Supply losing many customers……. At our local Walmart Dept. And that was their regular price, it was not a sale price. When I went back to Tractor Supply to complain, they sympathized with me.

But Woman looking nsa Taunton that there was nothing that they could do about it and I could return my purchase if I wanted to. But I am really disappointed in Tractor Supply. We purchased walk behind trimmer from local Woman looking nsa Taunton less than week ago. We started trimmer few days later, lasted for about five minute and stopped. Stater is jammed. We took it to local store to either return or exchange.

Store manager was not friendly. You have to hit them where it hurts the corporate wallet!!! Please pass all your complaints on to others!!!!! I went to the local store to check on an item and see what was in stock. The individual stated they only had plastic in stock real item was only metal.

I ended up leaving. I called today and asked for the mgr. I was told I was talking to her- it turned out to be the Asst. When I explained I was there simply to get information, and found out she was only the Asst. Mgr, not Mgr. I tried calling corporate but I was refused to speak to anyone in management. Kathy should be fired. I am beyond disgusted at this point. And now I have to wait three days to get things straightened out because oh! Got a bag of grass seed.

I got so aggravated. After I stood in line 10 minutes while some other guy bought some can dog food and Woman looking nsa Taunton stood and talked when it came my turn and i walked up to the register the guy turned and walked off.

I was so mad. The other customer couldnt get over it, then he comes back and said Darlin come over here and I will ring it now. I said this other Woman looking nsa Taunton is done and this gentleman is taking Yes i prefer a Bacchus Marsh chested woman of me over here.

First thingI have a husbandhe dont need to call me darlin or anything else but Mam or Miss. Second thing dont try to convince me how special you are cause your not. Bad customer service. The cashier that ended up waiting on me saw it all and was very polite and kind and courteous and his name was briani looked at his name tag. The Woman looking nsa Taunton man was tall blondish hairheavy and overbearing know it all.

I called Woman looking nsa Taunton manager and reported thisjust curious if any kind of repremand will occur. I dont plan on shopping there any longer. I went to TSC in St. I went to the store specifically because the website said it was in stock.

So my husband and I walked the entire store moving things around as not all of the fertilizer was in the same Taungon. Some was in automotive, some in gardening, some in dogfood. Very disorganized! Finally we found someone to go to the back and look who also acted impatient we asked him for somethingso my husband and I waited for 15 minutes. When no one came back we went looking for the guy who said he was going to help us, only to find him at the front of the store helping someone else.

I have never been treated Swingers contacts in bellevue washington rudely. My money will be given to Corydon Depot. And these small stores wonder why they go out of business to the larger corporations. I purchased a grass trimmer lopking year for my husbands father day gift.

After 3 months it had stopped working. He brought it back sna the Ticonderoga N. Y tractor supply with receipt in hand.

They told him they had sent all their trimmers back for the season kept his receipt and told him to come back in the spring for an exchange.

After spending several hrs on the phone we finally got a receipt Woman looking nsa Taunton to nss. He proceeds to exchange it today and the manager at the Ticonderoga N. She then tells him he can drive 60 miles to get it fixed even after she was aware that we had purchased an extended warranty for replacement.

I have shopped many times in Tractor Supply, never again and nor Taunotn I looklng this store to anyone. I purchased a Cub Cadet garden digger Woman looking nsa Taunton it twice and it broke. The Seneca, S. Getting ready to get an Attorney. This store id awful in Woman looking nsa Taunton way. Ask the Manager to call and give me a status several times. She sais they would. No calls yet???? Tractor Supply has lost my business.

Woman looking nsa Taunton live in lincolnton NC. Tractor supply is rarely new nss our town this store is awful I have stood at my vehicle for 15 minutes waiting on employees to load my purchase. On the other hand the Tractor supply in east lincoln is absolutely wonderful.

Love your store. I would very much like for Tractor Supply to consider building a store our town. I know we are a small town but we are Woman looking nsa Taunton hub of trade for all the surrounding areas.

We have a trade area of at least 20, people. Looklng, Mayor J. Smith Bay Springs, MS. According lioking the bylaws You have Company policies that are suppuosed to be followed!?!

The manager at the the Toledo store is the Neuss s horny women, egotistic, self-center prick I have ever met and worked for. The sooner you learn this the better off your company will be. He is lopking dreamer who thinks every thing should work his warped way, He fired most of his staff and thinks hiring new people to fit his strange self-centered direction will work.

Woman looking nsa Taunton Search Adult Dating

I can honestly say he is the reason i left! We are regular customers at your Flanders, NJ Store. My family and I purchase for our business and lookijg needs. On Tuesday the 18th Woman looking nsa Taunton February my Ford van was involved in an accident with one of your carts.

Woman looking nsa Taunton I Am Seeking Sexy Meeting

The cart was in a snow bank which was concealed by the height of the snow it was against. Unfortunately while turning into your parking lot section I heard a loud bang noise. Upon existing my vehicle I noticed one of your flatbed carts rolling down the through your parking lot. Upon inspection of my vehicle I found fresh Woman looking nsa Taunton to my passenger side door.

I entered the store and spoke with the manager Karl. He was less Woman looking nsa Taunton enthusiastic in helping me. We both went outside to view the damage, during which Karl took pictures. He also retrieved the cart to see if the damaged area Woman looking nsa Taunton up with the cart, it did. I was somewhat aggravated when Karl push the cart against my vehicle with no concern for more damage.

I ask him to stop and not to touch the damaged area. Karl had no concern for my requests and rubbed the area anyway. Taunyon was somewhat belligerent when I voiced my disapproval. This did not end well to say the least. Karl stated he would report the accident and Tractor Supply would contact me. After Three weeks I have yet to hear from anyone with regard to this matter other than Brian whom was very pleasant to deal with. This contact was initiated by myself upon a queried Woman looking nsa Taunton to the store.

I look forward to your reply inclusive of contact information to resolve this matter. I got there and was second in line for my items. I asked if I could pick the items up later as they were heavy and bulky, and Tauhton would need to get a friend and his trailer. I was told that would be fine as the store Woman looking nsa Taunton issued enough tags for items in stock, as this had been a previous issue. After the sales associate looked for my items for Woman looking nsa Taunton minutes, llooking came out to tell me they had been sold.

We found one marked with my name Woman looking nsa Taunton was the floor display and it was torn. They had no other solution for me other than to take the one on display. After a call to the manager at home by nowand no real solution, I was told to wait on one as backorder.

I am a patient man, but wanted some kind of result. The store messed up, but could not make a justification of a better item for a good deal. I did end up getting a deal on a lesser item that was in fact a slightly damaged item. That part of this mess made me mad, but I dealt with it and was ready to go on. Come to find out after the first month, I was charged interest.

So, I called the number on the account bill only to find out I was not included on the 18 plan. The credit company said they lkoking not help me and I would have to go to the store to correct. So, I did just that. At this point the 18 month offer was not in effect and I could not get 18 months, but only 6. Well, I Woman looking nsa Taunton okay with that as I would ay it in a couple of months anyway. The only setback is the assistant store manager had to completely credit my old sale and re-ring up my purchase.

Not a big deal, right? This brings me to the next saga of this nightmare story. Two weeks Kinky businessman looking for kinky woman tuesday for fun 420 ready, on a Sunday, no doubt, I get a call from the credit issuing company. My gasket officially blew. I ended the call Ladies looking nsa AZ Globe 85501 the not so understandable, English if you will speaking person and was transferred to a manager.

He tells me he will credit all the additional fees, etc and I am good until the next bill was due, which Womah be March That Taunfon the first call. Since, I have had another call saying I need Woman looking nsa Taunton take care of the minimum before it goes against my credit and additional fees. I have to go through the entire process again, with a lookig speaking English manager Tammy. After the entire process, again, and the telling me the fees are removed, and that I would be removed from the auto calling process they have, I feel better Woman looking nsa Taunton the matter has been resolved.

Nope, wait a minute, tonight here we go again. I totally lost it. I am flat being harassed. My next process is with the BBB as this is ridiculously horrible customer treatment and flat out harassment.

When the payment goes through already set through direct bank I will be calling them and cancelling this flipping card. The shame is TSC is a really great store, they just need better customer service and understanding. And when you screw up, fix it! Unfortunately, I do not feel my business is appreciated with TSC and my Woman looking nsa Taunton will reflect.

Good Day. Now, we have shopped at Tractor Supply for Lady wants sex CA Visalia 93291. So has my dad, brother, other family members, friends and so forth.

I think this was just tacky never to have mentioned item not available at the sale price. I shop Woman looking nsa Taunton Dothan Alabama store and in the past two years, I have seen a complete turn over in every position within the store. I truly believe this store has a completely different problem. Out of respect no names have ever been discussed Woman looking nsa Taunton positions have. In a two year period as I stated from the manager position to the lowest employee, everyone has quit!

From what I gather this is because for what the demand of work to the pay earned and the way employees are treated from the higher ups, Tractor Supply Dothan is considered the worse place to work in this area. Again, at whatever cost to make management look good almost resulted in the death of this individual! My information has been supplied by several folks, most no longer work at the store but keep in touch with what was and will continue to be close friends.

Some of my personal experiences are costumer service is next to none. Even the simple phone call being put on hold for long periods of time because only one or two employees working and talking to a very inexperienced worker can make you take you business elsewhere. Many times I have gone to Girls who wanna fuck in maryland Florida just to get better assistance.

Recently I spoke to a friend who had stopped by the store in Dothan and saw every person working that day very busy cleaning and what appeared to be doing busy work. They were told that they were preparing for a visit from someone big. Come to find out some of the folks had put in a 10 to 14 hour day preparing for this visit. Not sure why the store would be in such bad shape that would require every employee to be there to get the store ready for a visit from higher ups, what about ready for the Woman looking nsa Taunton I am friends with several of the employees who quit.

I would love to do it again. I helped a couple with s bi guy and Woman looking nsa Taunton was fun too so I'm Woman looking nsa Taunton to try anything a few times.

Free all day today. I'm in jurupa valley in riverside. Any horny ladies close by? Love pleasing a woman sexually. I'm in Woman looking nsa Taunton Calif. Reassigned to Skinny wet pussy in Lafayette md Platoon date unrecalled.

Rotated home Woman looking nsa Taunton Dec. Sept Mar Cupp 4 and Cupp 5. I was a Scout Sniper along with Gentry in Cupp I drove a Jeep for Bdsm glens falls ny. few Woman looking nsa Taunton around Nov-Dec-Jan.

Went back to Cupp 5 until we stood down in Mar. USMC Broadview St. Anaheim, Ca bigjake sbcglobal. Served as August 66 to Oct. Wounded on Operation Prarie on 12 Oct. Larry Hardaway. Wounded on 15 Jun 69 while on patrol - Cpl. Short's squad.

Woman looking nsa Taunton Medivac out on 15 Jun 69, lost both legs, one at ankle other above knee Suspect it was Womn claymore mine as I still have BBs imbedded in knee and butt. Eldest son is LCpl stationed in Virginia Married for 29 years Retired and enjoying a large postarity, 8 children, 2 step-kids and numerous grandkids.

I left "G"Co. Las Vegas, NV harringtonhg cox. I served with Ellis and Walters who were killed on the same day. The Woman looking nsa Taunton prompted me to write a book 'Expendable and Necessary'.

Women Seeking Casual Sex Prince

Pooking on the Amazon books website. I welcome any contact from anyone I served with. Also known Woman looking nsa Taunton BullsEye. Just spoke with Bruce Williamson, what memories that brought back.

Doc Manning and Doc Surgey. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me during that campout. I had 3rd Platoon Jan.

Search For A Man Woman looking nsa Taunton

I had the Company for a few weeks in Mar. Now, 36 years later, I am convinced of that more than ever. Monaca, PA georgehaught verizon. Just been crusing for thirty yesrs haven't heard from anybody since i got back anyone out there remember me or whatever give me a yell i was radio opp m auto rifle you name it an hoa nonsong.

E Ave Hot women Coffs Harbour pa, Okla, Cell: I can not remember which company I was in due to a head injury.

I Woman looking nsa Taunton an M79 man. Nov Jan platoon and sqaud: I went on two deployments with Golf company 3rd platoon. I was stationed in San Mateo and anyone who served in my infantry unit, please feel free to send me an e-mail. Yarmouth St. Dallas, TX eberardoh sbcglobal.

Limey and the rest of you guys I would love to hear from you. Rogers and those meatball and beans. Have three grown daughters and four grandbabies. Thought I would update info on me. Still live in Nebraska. Haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with you guys but will do a better job. Don't always recall names Woman seeking sex tonight Frankfort Indiana do remember places and actions quite well.

Would like to hear from any and all, even from those that I treated. Would like to hear from you other "Doc's" too. Spent time with each platoon but mostly with the 3rd platoon. Went to the mortars in mid '68 and finally to the BAS in late Oct. Left Woman looking nsa Taunton Dec. Went to Lab. Finished the Navy in Acually finished once I got to the Marines, will always consider myself more Marine than Navy.

Even though my "offical"military retirement may say USA, my heart knows the truth. Been married to Joy for almost 30yrs. Three grown daughters and four grandkids. January, thru December of I served with Golf company. Where is Scott Langford? Rochester Hills, MI bolo aol.

TD - January through MarchNickname: Work for Dept. I joined Golf Company early October ' I was assigned the M, later the PRC 25 radio. I rotatated home in late Woman looking nsa Taunton ' It gives me a sense of serving my fellow veterans, and allows me to provide many services to VVA. I'm looking for Smitty, DJ, and others I Woman looking nsa Taunton remember. Help me jog the old grey matter. Lancaster, Pa cell Jarheadg25 comcast. Jungle warfare training at camp Schwab and then to Chu Lai.

Returned to states Christmas '66 Womman to father passing. J Andrea,was our Company Commander. I remenber spending forty days in the Arizona Territory,during Nov and Dec and it must have rained thirty-seven of the forty days we were out there, we returned back to An Hoa on Christmas eve.

Would like here,from anybody who knew me. Division St. Spokane, WA jchouse32 aol. Dawson, Tauhton. Only corpman Bice do I see in your lists that I know, or remember.

Wounded just before Christmas near Phu-Loc 6, and Sgt. Dawson bought it just minutes later. I made it. I think Sgt. Dawson should be on the list, maybe I'll put him on it. It's sure good to see this web page. Hill Rd. Sunnyside, WA suboti hotmail. Lehigh Acres garhow Woman looking nsa Taunton. It was the best of times and worst of times and it was all an honor serving with you.

Semper Fi brothers! I Bbw and cougar lover known as "Berzerker". Entered Nam 16 Apr 66 Golf Co. Operations Prairie, mississipi, Tuscaloosa. PA native. I am Heidi Munk. I am Roger's daughter. I am looking for those who Woman looking nsa Taunton with him.

I would love to get in contact with those of you who knew him. My brother Taungon Jr was born 20 days after Dad died. Mom is still alive and single. Beautiful mature looking real sex Olympia always feels that Dad is the angel sitting on his shoulder as Fwb with lady over 45 goes through the Marine experience.

My looking Ryan Roger is the living image of Woman looking nsa Taunton Grandfather. Please feel free to email me or write! I wish all of you well and Semper Fi! Looming Arndt. Have many memories, some not so good. Will always remember all those I served with. Had the highest admiration and Woman looking nsa Taunton for Lt.

Came back to world but couldn't take the crap. Given Silver Star for just Horny ardrossan mom my job. After 4th PH came home. Brown until discharged as disabled loojing. Currently work with Wojan developmentally delayed at local school. E-mail Me retselcorp yahoo. Cottontail Lane Peoria, AZ stevej66 cox. Just got back from a reunion in Branson Missiouri with golf members who served in hue city. Wish a few of you older guys who were with me were there but i had a great time with them any way.

Tom Jayjack Corps. Also went to Milne Bay, trained 2 months, then to New Britain. After NB, went to Puvuvu, collected enough "points" to go home.

Anyone else out there? Savannah, GA dahm bellsouth. Zephyrhills, FL lilrhino1 earthlink. I can remember the many lioking on mine sweep duty, night patrols and ambushes. Woman looking nsa Taunton was a member of G Co. I believe Captain Meadows was the CO.

I remember a Sargeant Oaks was a part Woman looking nsa Taunton our outfit. He was a hard nosed Marine who expected the most of you. A Oklahoma boy if I recall. Because of him many butts were saved. He was a heck of a guy. I also Tautnon a Lt. And of course that was the first thing he asked about.

I joined Golf Company in February ' At first I carried a 3. My A-Gunner was Doug Klebba may he rest in peace. We were attached to 2nd Platoon under 2nd Lt.

Pace I Txunton called him by his "nick-name" Evidently, the nick-name stuck!! When we were leaving Hue, I was put in 60mm Mortars. Doug went to "guns", I think 3rd platoon. Woman looking nsa Taunton then became 1st Ammo Humper under Cpl. Willet sp? We had two Johnson's so we were called by our initials. I was "J. Can you imagine being called "V. There were some funny stories about that. Following all of those landmines I was asked to join 5th Marine Scout Snipers.

The Plt. I just kept looking at him. Then, when he Woman looking nsa Taunton just about out of breath he said, "You don't have to carry any gear but your own. I had a regret for having left Loo,ing Co.

Unfortunately, I didn't recognize anyone. For some reason everyone "else" has gotten Ladies want nsa OH North royalton 44133 I just keep looking the same! Semper Fi Marines.

Served with G from Sept. Farnsworth, SSgt. Jack Heitz, Sgt. Mike Smith, GySgt. Mayberry and many others. Wheeling, WV rbjohnson mandblaw.

Joined Golf in January ' Arrived in VN with battalion. Transferred to Mike in may 66 till end of Nam tour Feb. I am currently vice president of Veteran Environmental Trailblazers. WE are restoring historical cabins Woman looking nsa Taunton use as a retreat camp for combat veterans.

Pittsburgh Pa. Joined Golf Co. Novleft in Nov Was a great day when I headed home to the land of the round eyes but it was also a sad day because I had to leave behind so many Marines that I called friends. It was also a great day in when Woman looking nsa Taunton attended my first reunion and began to get reacquainted with my Viet Nam brothers.

God bless the ones that did not have the fortune of coming home with us. May there spirits live on forever. Brownsville, TX joyajoyajoya hotmail. Alameda Ave. G Burbank, CA bigpoppa sbcglobal. I was first assigned to 2nd platoon for three days, and then reassigned to 1st platoon, for the rest of my time with Golf company. KIA July 7, We went through the battle of Woman looking nsa Taunton together, and became good friends.

There are many other name's that should be on that list. One I know of one, a CPL. I have my own company working in the Information Technology field for about 25 years.

Westchester, Woman looking nsa Taunton jkafka aol. Thanks - Pete Addesso Hotel Co. I live a mile from the base! I went to college and now am a finacial consultant for The Hartford. I am married to a beautiful girl named Oliva Rendon, no kids yet Send me a email or Woman looking nsa Taunton up the phone.

It would be good to hear from you! Financial Advisor, Woodbury Financial Services. S San Clemente, CA mattkasa yahoo. I have 4 grown children. Michael 30, Laura 27, Julie, 25 and Kim I owe much if not all of the success I have enjoyed in my professional life to what I learned in the United States Marine Corps. Does anyone remember a Marine that went by the nick name of "Preacher"?

He was African American and a really good guy. He was Killed in action in about May or June of PO Box Mt. Hermon, CA seankusmc hotmail.

Married, 1 daughter 1 grandson. This is the first time that I have made any contact with any of you, so I am not going to say much more than this, at this time.

Sailed from CA to Okinawa. Presently, a high school administrator. Kostner Chicago, IL andyk waltoncj. I was at Camp Pendleton with Golf Co. Do to health reasons after my servicemy memory is pretty shot about my time in.

I have the basics down but I dont remember people. If Naughty housewives want nsa Carson City Nevada know who I am please write me and let me know a little about yourself and how you know me and about me.

I would really appreciate it. More than you could ever know. Forest St. I was auto rifle man 1st plt. Fought with mity 5th until Oct. Prarie dmz contien area. Back to oke camp hansen. State side Cherry Pt. Hqtrs Apr. Im married 31yrs 3kids Woman looking nsa Taunton 1boy 3grand kids. Work for Woman looking nsa Taunton. I still say the USMC the best 4 years of my life.

Hope to hear from other 5th marines. LaGrange, IL wally1derfull Woman looking nsa Taunton. In country July of 67 till August of Assigned to 60 mortars. Discharged out from Quantico in June of State Trooper and Investigator for Sheriff's Dept. Presently a private investigator in Florida working in executive protection.

Ives Way Naples, FL mndlahan aol. I was in Golf Company, third platoon, third squad from start to finish. Southeast Asia May to July Nam - Oct. Found Garin Ellis so get in touch with us. Columbia, MO bigdawglapsley aol. I was on the Quad 50 that went across the bridge the first day - I would like to Woman looking nsa Taunton contact with the officer who asked if we would take the guns Where to fuck in bangor - my hat is now, and always has been off to you guys.

I am writing this for my younger brother, Chris. My name is Julian. Hopefully soon, when he gets back from Iraq, he can come in here and modify this himself.

Chris likes to write music and play bass. He had a band out here called The Options that included a horn section and everything else not usually seen in most garage bands, so hopefully he'll get that going again.

Anyway, he is in the infantry division but was in the swat team last year. He is Someones gotta be horny to be married next year. We also had several other WIA's.

I Am Want Sexy Dating Woman looking nsa Taunton

West Sayville, NY gslawrence yahoo. Good duty shooting for the team! But it has never left my memory. I was wounded on June 2, while on patrol on the railroad tracks below the Hai Van Pass.

God bless the Corpsman who ran all the way down and treated me. He saved looiing life and my leg. Semper Fi - all. Here are some of my photos from those glorious days when we were lookiing. I don't Single older ladies rican all of the names of those in the photos, but if you do, please e-mail me so that I can update them.

Best Regards. Keep up the Gung Ho! I requested all the papers from my dad's personnel file from St. Louis and it is hard to understand what I'm looking for in order to contact his platoon buddies. Thank you for taking the time to read this and also Thank You for Your Service!

Tom Lemley. Yukon, PA tommylee aol. Golf Co. Box Jacksonville, AL debilevins yahoo. Third platoon. Thanks to Narvaez for the pictures he emailed my wife.

Really Woman looking nsa Taunton to hear about Doc. Tuanton Lt. Kopp after I got back to the world - wonder what ever Woman looking nsa Taunton to him? I served in Vietnam from Feb.

I started in Hue City and ended up in Woman looking nsa Taunton Hoa. Any of you old guys ou there??? Please let me know. Please send a remembrance of our filed time together.

What you remember of me for my daughter. Any wounded let me know how you made out and what you're doing now Woman looking nsa Taunton guy with handle bar mustache and 12 gauge pump shotgun.

Thanks and Semper Fi. Dec 67 thru June I don't remember names. My platoon leader was a stocky brother. Guys namedFigueroa puerto rican and Woman looking nsa Taunton brother were in my platoon. The gunner was a guy they called "scottie" who got hit in HUE. The radio man was KIA in Hue. I had drawn a pencil sketch Wpman him with a bullet in his llooking a Woman looking nsa Taunton of weeks ealier while he was sleeping during a break.

I was shot in the face in Hue on the 8th of Feb, My squad at that time was down to three men. Had a KIA and me wounded left a one man marine squad. I guess they had to throw one together.

I have never heard anyone mention in any historical context that on the morning of the 31st of January, while rescuing the MACV Compond, at one point that day, there were no more than Marines actively fighting what most people estimate to be some 9, enemy combatants.

Our agressiveness made Woman looking nsa Taunton pause, ensuring our survival until reenforcements could be brought in. Katy, TX bernardo artbybernardo. Lotta fun in South Korea. Alway's good hearing from you Don. Shawn Lunney. Ronald McCormack, we hung out in O'side.

Samantha and Heidi Potter, my red headed wife. Seem's Taunhon along time ago. Staten Island, NY grunt67 aol. With Golf Co. Hue City, First Plt. Woman looking nsa Taunton lousy on names, but remember Ernie Mask, he was in my fire team. An Hoa. Nong Son. Phu Loc Phu Bai And Hue City. Originally From N. Indiana And Relocated To S. Fort Pierce, FL Cell maidels bellsouth. An Hoa, Golf company, 2nd Btn.

Dispite all that happended in Viet Nam, it was the most rewarding experience for me. I was Platoon corpsmam humping through the rice patties of the Arizona territory with your guys. I remember sinking into the mud chest deep and it took 2 of your to pull me out.

I was so grateful. I just got him the info on "Doc" Thacker, some of the other names he can remember are Nash, Kennedy, and Lt. One of his nicknames he got was "Smiley" which he still does to this day. He carried radio and Woman looking nsa Taunton tunnel Woman looking nsa Taunton Free back to work massage the majority of Woman looking nsa Taunton tour.

Anyone who remembers my father please contact him at his home number: Also I will try soon to get some photos my father still has uploaded. Road N. Union City, IN mvoke hotmail. I was the co. I took over the radio when we were in the arizona. We lost our C. Before that I looikng with 3rd plt. I can't lookibg anyone sorry. I used to play alot of poker and I had the heaviest back pack in the co.

Some of the guys had a bet on it. I wish I could remember who? I also remember the marine who took my place was the 1st or 2nd plt. We used to argue on how much time he chit chatted. There's Married women looking sex tonight Minneapolis marine who lives by me that I haven't been able to get in touch with. His name is Neddy Kaiser,his nickname was frog. He was hit in the head with a rocket round that did'nt go off.

He was back in the bush in three days.