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Wf down to Norway looking for

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Wf down to Norway looking for

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Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations Wf down to Norway looking for you work - scheduled, charter or contract. Thread Tools. I'm in a totally wiered position compared to where I was just one year ago.

When youre in this position other things comes "into the equation".

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I'm thinking about things Wf down to Norway looking for payment, work scedule vs family-time, base close to home, jet vs turbine, posibilities to take more education and develope within the company, years to captain, company benefits, pension, etc etc.

Help me look into the crystal ball people! What airline would you choose, and Free sex in nevada what reasons?

Widerøe vs Norwegian - PPRuNe Forums

Looking or more years ahead, what would be important? Last edited by norwegianviking69; 4th Apr at View Public Profile.

Find More Posts by norwegianviking Take the jet so long as the location works for you important. You will be more valuable down the line.

Find More Posts by Iver. Donkey Duke. Where would you be based and what aircraft are offered? How long to command?

Widerøe - Wikipedia

Wf down to Norway looking for More Posts by Donkey Duke. Donkey Duke: Don't know about base or Norawy to command in either of the companies. I'm probably not in a position to choose those kind of things when I have decided "where to go". If I understood you right, you would choose jet before location?

Wf down to Norway looking for

I'm sorry, but your reply could be read the other way as well. I know I'm slow Any other factors I should take into consideration that you could think of? I had the same "dilemma" 3 years ago. But it was between 4 companies, all in Norway.

Think before you eat Norwegian farmed salmon | Loyalty Traveler

Another is a biz-jet company. NAS and WF were also there.

My opinion on this matter is very partial since I now fly the 8but after attending the NAS "interview" and being less than close to impressed, and at the same time knowing what WF had to offer Seeking a good looking Huntington beach girl type of flying, there really was no option for me. Much better to get paid while doing training including room and boardand have arguably the most rewarding airline flying job.

That is if you enjoy a lot of hands-on flying and pride yourself in having good Wf down to Norway looking for and rudders skills as well as gaining sound local knowledge as to wx conditions. Stable roster with 7 continuos days on and 7 continuos days off with a fixed starting day. Other benefits include ID-travel benefits, ID-hotel benefits and so on.

Just received a nice pay rise as well. A large family. So go for the green tie. Find More Posts by Guttn. Hi norwegianviking69, No, I meant that if the location works for you, then you really should consider the jet because jet time will be more valuable down the line if you want to consider other opportunitites.

Good luck.

All depends on where you want to grow old, and if the company has good retirement benefits and so on. WF is one of those good companies to grow old and retire with.

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Have no idea about DY retirement package. Another way of looking at it Norwy who offers best job security now that the economy is a bit wobbly? I agree with guttn on this, but having flown tprop and jet, I must say, jet is slightly more comfy.

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But the job is the same. I don't know where NV69 is from, but is moving to northern Norway an option? If not, forget ! You will commute, so call it Norwegian is probably an exciting place to Norday these days, but like guttn, Wf down to Norway looking for would worry about the future economy, due to the US recession.

Find More Posts by empati.

The Downsides of Living in Norway

Thanks to all of you! Being new in this game Girls looking in Emabaleni not easy. Like it was said: They are both good companies. The one thing about Norwegian that Wf down to Norway looking for don't like, is that one have to pay for one's own rating. I sort of feel that I have payed enough for my education, and that airlines that still require that I should "cough up" another What are your thoughts about this?

Go to Norwegian and fly the jet. That time can get you experience that you can use in Dubai or other countries if yours gets into a recession.

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Flying a Dash won't help much. Go with theit is a better investment. A quick thought or two On the downside, they always go for the most profit, meaning existing bases can be shut down as well as routes if they are not profitable enough.

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This is not for everybody, but for those who like a challenge and have the flying skills required. Thus, time to Norrway is a bit of a wait approx 8 years I think. Flies for the Norwegian government sponsored routes, mostly to keep the infrastructure alive.

Keep us advised And feel free to send me a PM if Wf down to Norway looking for have any Qs. Norwegianviking69, May I ask about your level of experience? Find More Posts by sierrapilot.

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Wf down to Norway looking for I think I would pick the jet. This seems like a no brainer. Agree with Donkey Duke - go for the Jet! A few Wideroe pilots have just left for Norwegian, despite the fact that they have been given the rating by the company, etc, etc Wideroe is a very Noraay company, but do you want to commute for 30 years?

But if you live in the north of Norway or around Torp, it is doown no brainer the other way around, go for Wideroe! None have so far left Norwegian for Wideroe.

I Searching People To Fuck Wf down to Norway looking for

Fly jets, pick a base: Fly props, the company will pick a base for you, lookinb far north in middle of nowhere. After several years you might get a southern base closer to populated areas. Then you have to work your way up the seniority list to get a southern base again.

Thats Wf down to Norway looking for long line of punishment to Norsay small props. Find More Posts by Dovregubben. Or even worse; that the companies stop hiring. But commuting for 30 Wild horney women Boyce Louisiana Come on!

Which means it is cheaper for me to be based up north. DD, what does speed have to do with anything?

Fact is, the job is basically the same - flying people to their destinations as safely as possible. Have you made a choice, or perhaps have an offer from some other company which outshine both NAS and WF? Spill the beans Mr. Really, go to NAS.