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One approach: You can never go wrong by focusing on Need someone to interview exciting opportunities this new employer offers. This question assesses cultural fitwhich is a top priority for employers today, Wolfgang says.

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Once you have ot good understanding of what matters to the company, Wolfgang Need someone to interview preparing this answer: An employer wants to hear how qualified and passionate you are, and a can-do attitude will take you far.

Before the interview, make sure you review the original job posting and check out the description of duties. Then, highlight your skills that connect to the day-to-day job responsibilities.

This can be a tricky one to answer, especially if your first inclination is to try to mask a strength as a weakness e. Are you currently interviewing and want more great career advice like Need someone to interview emailed right to your inbox? Join Monster for free today.


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Advice Interviews Interview Questions. Difficult interview questions and the answers to get you hired Your responses to these tough interview questions will reveal a lot about you.

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Conducting an interview is kind of like detective work and preparation is key. You need to ask every candidate a series of the right questions that, based on their answers, will define whether they fit your criteria or not.

Hiring top talent is an art and requires a certain amount of skill. You need to be a great listener and you need to be able to filter out the people who say they can do the job verses the ones who can get Need someone to interview job done. There are many job seekers out there who are very good at selling themselves, but low on delivering results.

Unfortunately, the choices are not always clear, which is why interviewers have turned to competency based interviews.

What are the requirements for this position?

What does this person need to be able to accomplish? What will they need to know?

What will they need to learn? Then start building interview questions that will support that framework. You should have already read their resume several Need someone to interview and have made notes about it as well as created specific questions about their work history you want to know more about.

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Welcome them into the interview and let them know you are happy to meet them.