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Looking for a fun ffb I Am Looking Sexy Meeting

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Looking for a fun ffb

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Lost friend from anaheim hill area trying to contact friend in anaheim we meet years ago at the great western lost your number im the car dealer from mo.

Age: 42
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: Looking Sex Meeting
City: Vallejo, CA
Hair: Pink
Relation Type: Looking For A Woman On Sunday

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FFB unknown. Future Fuck Buddies. Fine from behind.

Damn, that girl looks hot. Nevermindshe was just ffb. For a "friend with fringe benefits ".

Urban Dictionary: FFB

A close friend of either sex, who Looking for a fun ffb very intimate, not in as commited a relationship as marriage but not excluding to have all the benefits of a marriage fir as cohabitingsharing confidences, etc.

Some explanation: It started out between my friend and me, as not wanting to call our relationship just 'friendship'.

Besides, we had our families, work and other tfb of social construct independent from and of each other. Hence we were 'friends' but having a variety of 'fringe benefits'! We are FFB's who love to travel together frequently, but return to our families and all our other regular activites.

FFB sex. Fuck From Behind. FFBS unknown.

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Acronym for Friggin' Fuckin' Bullshit. Person 1: Did you end up working last night?

Person 2: Yeah, it was friggin' fuckin' bullshit! FFBS is fun to say.

Also known Loiking Fit From Behind. FFB describes the state of shock and disgust at when you see a person usually a woman from behind and you are delighted with their curves and shape.

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It's is not untill they turn around that the phrase comes into act. Only the phrase F.

As of many cases, victims of an F. B took such a shock that they gave up all hope on life.

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Ay Bob check out that, rather a juicy peach if you ask me Bob: I agree what a gif She's nastey! I feel like dieing right now