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In Classical Greeceyoung girls usually grew up in the care of a nurse The gynaikon was where mothers nursed their children and engaged in spinning thread and weaving In addition to childbearing, the weaving of fabric and managing the household were the principal responsibilities of a Greek woman.

Young women, however, had some Seeking older women 60 in antiquity.

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It was also the responsibility of women to visit the tombs of family members. Typically, they brought offerings and tied sashes around the grave stelai, a custom that is well attested on a number of white-ground Greek lekythoi.

Women could attend public speeches and visit certain sanctuaries, such as those of Artemis at Brauron and the Sanctuary of the Nymph at the foot of the Akropolis. However, during any Locaal outside of the house, a young woman was expected to be inconspicuous and to be covered around the head to obscure most of her face and neck.

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Women of various ages also took part in specific religious festivalssome of which even included men—the Panathenaia in honor of the goddess Athena, the Eleusinian Mysteries that honored Demeter and Persephone, and the Anthesteria sacred to Dionysos Religious rituals reserved for young girls probably had the most significant impact on young unmarried women.

For example, young girls between the ages of Local wives Painted Post woman for Athens New York and puberty were selected to serve the goddess Artemis in her sanctuary at Brauron.

Thus, the self-perception of a young girl in Classical Greece was manipulated through behavioral instruction in the home, through the myths that reiterated social values, Plst through their participation in rituals that educated them in the values and mores of their community.

A young woman in Classical Athens lacked any rights of citizenship, and could only be described as the wife of an Athenian citizen.

However, a bride brought to her marriage a dowry that was not available for the husband to spend. The life expectancy of the average woman was about forty years old. Despite the extreme social restraint on women in classical antiquity, it is interesting that they had a number Panted powerful female goddesses of the type that were never available to Christian women.

Demeter was able to retrieve her daughter Persephone, Artemis could send Bbw datin Colimas fatal arrow, and Athena had the ability to resist marriage and motherhood, and to provide advice Loocal respected Greek heroes.

Aphrodite, Hera, Hestia, and Hekate were also powerful goddesses, intensely honored and greatly admired by women and men alike. Colette Hemingway Independent Scholar.

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Hemingway, Colette. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, —.

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The Oxford Classical Dictionary. Oxford University Press, Pomeroy, Sarah B.

Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History. Hemingway, Sean, and Colette Hemingway.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art. See works of art.

Works of Art Essay In Classical Greeceyoung girls usually grew up in the care of a nurse Colette Hemingway Independent Sives October Citation Hemingway, Colette. Further Reading The World of Athens: Blundell, Sue.

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Who's Who in Classical Mythology. Dent, Black- and Red-Figure Techniques Boscoreale: Frescoes from the Villa of P.

Exhibitions | Athens Cultural Center

Chronology Ancient Greece, B. The Eastern Mediterranean and Syria, B.

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The Artist Project "Adam Fuss on a marble grave stele of a little girl". Connections "Believing" by Marsha Hill.