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Cervical cryotherapy is a procedure which involves freezing an area of abnormal tissue on the cervix.

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This tissue gradually disappears and the cervix heals. One cervical cryotherapy is usually sufficient to destroy the abnormal tissue.

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Cervical cryotherapy is a standard method used to treat cervical dysplasia, meaning the removal of abnormal cell tissue on the cervix. Cervical cryotherapy, or freezing, usually lasts about five minutes and causes a slight amount of discomfort. The procedure is usually performed in an outpatient setting. Cervical cryotherapy Hot woman wants sex Nashua done by placing a small freeze-probe cryoprobe against the cervix that cools the cervix to sub-zero temperatures.

The cells destroyed by freezing are shed afterwards in a heavy watery discharge. The main advantage of cryotherapy is that Hot woman wants sex Nashua is a simple procedure that requires inexpensive equipment. The cryogenic device consists of a gas tank containing a refrigerant and non-explosive, non-toxic gas usually nitrous oxide.

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The gas is delivered using flexible tubing through a gun-type attachment to the cryoprobe. Women who undergo cervical cryotherapy typically have had an abnormal Pap smear which has led to a diagnosis of cervical squamous dysplasia and usually confirmed by biopsy after an adequate colposcopic exam.

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Preparation for cervical cryotherapy involves scheduling the procedure when the patient is not experiencing heavy menstrual flow. Ibuprofen, ketoprofen, or naproxen Hpt may be given before cryotherapy to decrease cramping. If there is any doubt about the pregnancy status, a pregnancy test is performed.

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Cervical cryotherapy is often followed by a heavy and often odorous discharge during the first month after the procedure. The discharge is due to the dead tissue cells leaving the treatment site, and Aminocerv cream may be prescribed.

The patient should abstain from sexual intercourse and not use tampons for a period of three weeks Hot woman wants sex Nashua the procedure. Excessive exercise should also be wante to lessen the occurrence of post-therapy bleeding.

A normal result is no recurrence of the abnormal cervix cells. The first follow-up Pap smear is done within three to six months.

If normal, Pap smears are repeated every six months for two years. If any, recurrences usually occur within two years of treatment. Another option is to replace the initial and each yearly Pap smear with a colposcopic examination.

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If a follow-up Pap smear is abnormal, a colposcopy with biopsy Hot woman wants sex Nashua usually performed. Other treatment methods, usually the loop electrocautery excision procedure LEEP are then used if persistent disease is discovered.

See also Colposcopy ; Cone biopsy ; Cryotherapy. Handley, J. New York: Warner Books, Platzer, W. Naashua

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Vaginal Operations: Surgical Anatomy and Technique. Lippincott, Williams and Wilikins, Rushing, L.

Abnormal Pap Smears: What Every Woman Needs to Know. Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, Sparks, R.

Scheid, V. Loemker, E. Stader, K. Reilly, R. Hamm, and L.

Tate, D. A Case-control Analysis. American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology. National Association for Women's Health.

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September [cited April ]. Mayeaux Jr. Cervical cryotherapy can be done in the treating physician's office. The physician is usually a gynecologist. Toggle navigation.

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Definition Cervical cryotherapy is a procedure which involves freezing an area of abnormal tissue on the Hot woman wants sex Nashua. Description Cervical cryotherapy, or freezing, usually lasts about five minutes and causes a slight amount womxn discomfort. Aftercare Cervical cryotherapy is often followed by a heavy and often odorous discharge during the first month after the procedure.

Risks The following risks have been associated with cervical cryotherapy: Uterine cramping.

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Often occurs during the cryotherapy but rapidly subsides after treatment. Bleeding and infection. Rare, but incidences have been reported. More difficult Pap smears.

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Future Pap smears and colposcopy may be more difficult after cryotherapy. Normal results A normal result is no recurrence of the abnormal cervix cells. Following the procedure, it is considered normal to experience the following: Alternatives Alternatives to cryotherapy include: Laser treatment.

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A carbon dioxide laser focuses a beam of light to vaporize the abnormal cells. This technique can be used in the physician's office with very little discomfort. Loop electrocautery excision procedure LEEP. This procedure sxe a fine wire loop Nashja an electric current flowing through it to remove the desired Hot woman wants sex Nashua of the cervix. Loop excision is usually done under local anesthesia and causes very little discomfort.

Why is cryotherapy required? What are the risks of cryotherapy?

Is cryotherapy painful? What is the purpose of my cryotherapy?

How long will it take to recover from the surgery? What are the after-effects of cryotherapy? How much cervical cryotherapy do you perform each wnats User Contributions: Very informative since I am going to go through this process.

Very relieving. Hi I am 29 years old and I had this done back in 2ooo after having it done I came to realize a few thing fist I can not have a orgasm like I use too.

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Sorry but it is the truth but now I am dealing with something that more important then that. Nicole I dont know the answer to that question either. I hope its just a scar tissue. Your not the only one who feels wlman believe me.

Best wishes to you God Bless.

News Pt. 3: May to June

More like a questions; how soon after cyrotherapy can you have oral sex and what are the risks? Im about to have this done and I am pretty anxious.

The I had Naashua couple weeks ago did not hurt that bad during, but I cramped pretty bad Hot woman wants sex Nashua for a few days. I know that some mild discomfort may occur, but can anyone who has had this comment more about the possible pain? It really is so painful. I wonder if this is an effect of the procedure or just me thinking too hard Hot moms Fargo tx this is the effect.

I feel like crying already I just had this done 5 days ago. My wife recently had cryosurgery.