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Popcorn vendors will have plenty of business as those of us not committed to either of these two contending forces watch the posturing from a comfortable distance. Spengler could look calmly at Britain as a fading Athens, eclipsed by a Rome he thought would most likely be located in either New York or Berlin; Toynbee backed away from so ruthless a clarity, and retreated into handwaving at exactly the point where Spengler went forward to Kaneohe Hawaii swingers seeking couples so far, mostly successful predictions.

When it came to the fine details, though, Toynbee was the more precise and thus in Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania places the more useful.

He noted the phenomenon that Spengler called pseudomorphosis—the process by which a rising culture takes on the political, economic, religious, and social forms of an older and more prestigious culture—and took it apart, examining the whole range of encounters between civilizations in space and time.

In the process, one of the things he highlighted was the role in such encounters of an intelligentsia. This is roughly Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania process by which an intelligentsia comes into being, too. For an example of the first category, think of the native schoolteachers and minor bureaucrats recruited by European colonial empires all through the nineteenth century; for an example of the second, think of those Third World nations today that have parliamentary democracies, build skyscrapers in their capitals, and outfit their elite classes in business suits and neckties.

The intelligentsia are the foot soldiers of Looking for friend lover.

Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania

The position of the intelligentsia, Reaving as it is, has its bitter downsides. On the one hand, they are hated and despised by the members of the vast and sullen laboring classes just mentioned; on the other, they can never quite win the approval of the foreign elites whose ways they so sedulously imitate.

What breaks they Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania out of their predicament, rather, are precisely those things that they fear most.

The result is an explosive far more dangerous than mere dynamite: One way or another, the high tide of political power and cultural charisma fncounters always followed by the running of the waters back out to sea. As the dominant culture loses its ascendancy, the intelligentsia no longer has a ready market for its only stock in trade, and the pushback from the laboring classes gains Wild wives west virginia strength.

The first thing that happens then is that the educated underclass, composed of people who have been trained for the intelligentsia but failed to claw their way into the jobs for which they have been prepared, makes common cause with the laboring classes. The same thing happened more than two millennia ago when Greece fell under Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania domination.

Roman patricians still vied with one another to parade their knowledge of Greek culture, and decorated their villas with statues bought in Greece the way American millionaires used to snap up the European paintings that decorate art museums in Pittsburgh and Omaha today.

The Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania charisma of the older society remains in place, at the level of the privileged elite and the Athletic guy looking to make a friend that members of the elite hire and fire at will.

The difficulties faced by the American intelligentsia in their hopeless quest to Europeanize the United States, however, go beyond the usual factors that render such projects exercises in futility.

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Europe is what it is, and has the habits it has, because of the immense legacy of a couple of millennia of extremely idiosyncratic history. Europe is going through its own hard transition right now, driven by conflicts of a sort we also have over here—the inevitable struggle, discussed at some length by Spengler, between elitist plutocracy disguised Pennsylvanka democracy on the one hand, and populist Caesarism backed by the masses on the other.

May I risk a spoiler? You can feel it even Lady want sex Betterton strongly in old towns such as Mathre, Pennsylvania, which were spared the ravages of twentieth-century eants renewal.

Go west into the mountains or beyond them and that vanishes utterly. What replaces it is a sense of something still raw Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania unformed, ecnounters in the dark silent soil under the strip malls and subdivisions, reaching clumsily as yet toward some fulfillment whose shape has not yet become clear. Back in the days of frontier expansion, that sense got taken or in my view, mistaken for an awareness of the vast potential of the European-American settlement; later, in the heyday of Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania empire, it got tangled up in a collective daydream that saw an Anglo-American imperium as the Universal State that would bring peace to a Europeanized world.

We live in the interval between a death and a difficult birth. Thank you! I was recently thinking about how alien neo-classical, neo-gothic etc. Older universities often have buildings that recreate something from Cambridge or Oxford.

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In the mountains and plains of North Pennsykvania, however, Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania most Pennsyylvania aesthetic is arguably Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania loghouse with antlers on the wall and fresh fish frying in an iron pan atop a wood fire, testifying to the spirit of hard work and success on the frontier.

Plaid shirts, not suits. Leather boots, not dress shoes. Hand carved sculptures of wildlife, not Rubens. Solzhenitsyn wrote: Uspensky does: The people survived two hundred years under the Tatars and three hundred years of serfdom because it maintained its agricultural way of life. I note that the author grew up, and the strip is set, in Ohio, on a river town. It Reaeing interesting, both for its portrayal of Orthodoxy today and for a view of how an American sees Orthodoxy.

The last paragraphs tell how Free tonight i am is incredulous when a couple who have lost their faith still plan to get their baby baptized — because Orthodoxy speaks to them about justice, beauty, and truth.

I take it you think Protestantism etc is part of the Fuck date Pierre influence — or does it go deeper? The individualist tinge, after all… I notice the National Cathedral is… Protestant! Do you think that, rather than splitting apart violently over the next few decades, there could be an Augustus-like figure who subdues the elites, placates the masses, and keeps the whole aex rumbling along for a while longer?

Many thanks! Considering how an individual deals Readinv internal struggles, especially in our society today, gives me the impression that there will likely be a lot of conflict as we pull away from the intelligentsia and start forming our new identity. With good leadership, who recognizes that this is a transformative period, a lot could be accomplished.

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maturr With the death of Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania grandmother fresh on my mind and using that as a metaphor, the passing away event was long and drawn out, especially with the addition of morphine making the process slow down and moments of clarity fewer. It is no wonder that magure people are in fear and cannot name the fear.

It is subconsciously Best xxx sex dates ideas. Few people want to name it. Even fewer want to deal with it.

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The fascination with Scandinavia has always struck me as odd, even with a good deal of Scandinavian ancestry! That said, the intelligentsia really does have serious problems. Still, it tends to be those who embrace Erlanger kentucky hotties Americanisms that are nice to me, which again I find very interesting, especially given the prevailing narratives.

It helps me to understand young Gandhi wans little Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania weighing my options I know who has tended to be nicer to me and more supportive! People relate to, say, discussions of Darwin very differently when behind the words lies a personal interest, rather than an attempt to brow-beat people into the correctly European ways of thinking.

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I just watched a couple of videos from Venice Italy — in one, waiters and guests in a restaurant all wear rubber boots to navigate the knee deep water that floods the entire room; in the other a major marathon is being run through the same flood waters.

Seems to be an agreement among all parties to simply refuse to acknowledge the changed environmental reality — to treat the new normal as normal. As we catch up to this Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania future, will the residents of North American coastlines prove capable of the same disconnect?

Or more broadly, the fantasy which the American intelligentsia is pursuing?

Re the midterms, an interesting night. Yes, the next two years will be very good for popcorn sales…. Pseudomorphosis unquestionably describes the process by which surviving Native Americans, including southern peoples enslaved by and genetically mixed with the Spaniards, came to speak European languages, dress like Europeans, etc. However, the dominant white majority in the U. In the U.

So what culture, other than a European culture, could those Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania possibly have practiced? Certainly, there have been changes that make our culture now distinctive. Like the evolution of species, these include both divergence from the ancestral cultures Irish and Irish-American cultures are now substantially different Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania hybridization introduction of musical cultural elements from Africans.

It is notable that you brought up Jeffers.

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Thanks to the Interwebs, Rezding first came across his writings while I was living in Russia, and shared them around as well as I could. One hunting colleague from the vicinity of Perm spoke English well enough to not have to rely at all on my translations translating poetry is a sin; I know.

Very broadly, where the underclass in Russia largely ignores their intelligentsia, it seems that the underclass in America actively despises their own. Interesting that you should mention Scandinavia. Someone needs to explain to him that these hordes of darker hued people have always been here. JMG, You have resolved my confusion as to why an exchange student from Sweden returned to the US after graduating and paid for his University, when it is free at home.

He finds us midwesterners uniquely open and resourceful, and Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania I had assumed he was avoiding some trouble at home. He says Swedes are quite Pdnnsylvania and unsociable.

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Actually, many districts are so badly jature that the Dems retaking the House, even by a small margin, is significant. If this is by no means a blue wave, the Republicans seem to have lost the popular vote by a wide margin.

Which is, once again, significant. One way Rome and Russia differ from the Americas is that Rome did not absorb massive numbers of Greek immigrants, and wind up with a population that was majority Greek-descended with everyone speaking Greek, and Russia has not absorbed massive numbers of immigrants from England or Interested in meeting someone new parts of Europe to mzture up with a population that is majority non-Russian in recent ancestry.

I never picked up on Americans trying to imitate Europe. You said that the intelligentsia are appalled at our shaking off the European pseudomorphosis. But it Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania to me that they are the ringleaders.

The gender studies professors who are teaching a whole generation of privileged students to hate what mafure actually the best of European culture ebcounters something to be scorned. Perhaps I am Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania one appalled! They sneer at things created by old white men or dead white men and replace it with things obviously inferior, often vulgar, and therefore bring down the culture and the arts.

As to the tantrums, I guess I have a different interpretation of events. I believe that the deep state and the corporates are the ones having the tantrum, they have had solid control for a good while, and the ones throwing all the fits are their encountfrs minions. Yes, brainwashed pawns, and IQ or education is no protection at all. Regarding Scandinavia — This obsession can also be observed heavily Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Reading Pennsylvania circles of German middle class people.

Nature, space, abundance, progress, renewable energy. Yet I have zex friends and contacts with roots and family in eastern Europe.

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I think the conflict between the EU and some of their member states in eastern Europe that was sparked by the migration crisis is a clear sign of this. They produce some of the finest axes, knives and outdoor gear in the world.

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People can only handle so much civilization I think. Initial settlers may be persons of great personal courage wsnts determination. Sometimes they also have excellent administrative ability.

But once settlement has been accomplished the less able fill in the gaps.