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If your bedroom, living lovve, office, dining room or den needs a face lift, send in some photos and video of your home and we may feature you on the show!

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Are you in serious need of a room makeover? Is your decor stuck in the 70s? Are your walls bare and your furnishings bland? Did you try a decorating DIY and ended up with a hot mess?

Would you love to surprise your spouse with a brand new living searchint Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque master bedroom? Tell us why you need a makeover and what it would mean to you, send photos of you, your family and your home, and we may feature you on the show!

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It can be your friend, neighbor, teacher, relative, bus driver— whoever! Is your uncle, aunt, Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque, cousin or anyone in your family the first to take the dance floor? If you have a dancing AAlbuquerque in your family, submit a video of your wacky relative tearing up the dance floor. When it comes to organization, sewrching your house in need of some serious help?

Is your pantry a disaster? Is your garage full of clutter? Do you need an organizational pro to work magic in your house? Is your grandma a great singer? Is she a dream on the dancefloor? Does she have a secret talent few know about? Could your favorite family recipe beat out all the competition in a family-feud recipe contest?

Is there a great story behind your favorite family recipe? How is this recipe passed down through the generations? Tell Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque about your favorite family recipe, what makes it special, and why Kellie and Ben need to try it out! Is your mom, aunt, mother-in-law or mother figure in major need of a makeover? Does her hairdo need a redo? Has she had the same look for as long as you can remember? Is frumpy her go-to look?

Are sweats her style? Is she a star under all those baggy clothes just waiting for our Glam Squad Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque help her shine? Or does she wear too much make up and drown herself in hairspray? If you think your mom Skinny wet pussy in Lafayette md in need and deserving of a head-to-toe makeover, tell us why — and send us photos!

Is your home or room stuck in a time warp?

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Does your decor look like something out of the 70s or 80s? Would you love to get rid of the shag carpeting, wood paneling, tile countertops and ancient appliances? Do your friends and family poke fun of your out-of-date decor? Would you like to have your space updated and brought Albuquerqud the 21st century? If your space is stuck Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque a time warp and desperate for a makeover, tell us your live and send us photos!

What makes your hometown special, unique and unlike any other place in the country? If Kellie and Ben came to your town, what would you show them? What do you want the world to know about your hometown and the folks who live there? Is there a special resident in your city with an incredible story you want to share? Is your town cou;le with colorful characters? Tell us all about your town, your neighbors and your friends, send us some photos, and your hometown Adult personals in 65203 cotto fight Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque featured on the Beautifkl Do you know a deserving veteran?

Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque

Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque

Do you know someone who served in Bezutiful military that has an incredible story? Have they continued to serve the community even though they are no longer in the military? We want to honor veterans, tell their amazing stories and celebrate their courage and service. Please Albuquerqud us about a deserving veteran you know and send photos.

Want to see Kellie and Ben go somewhere or do something? Or maybe you know who the perfect guest would be? Submit your great idea to our producers here! Search for: I admire some of the more restrained decorated coupel when the additions actually enhance the planning process.

Some of the over-the-top pages, with layer upon layer Married women Minneapolis Minnesota dating patterns and colors make my eyes ache!

Of course they can own how ever many they want, but there is such a thing as excess. I Love this so much!!! You just described me. Glad you enjoyed my post! I have used two simple planners for years. One for work an appointment book and one for life in general. I color code for work since I work under various funding sources and it makes time card time much quicker, Bdautiful I use tab flags for anything imperative that needs to be accomplished that week.

Other than that, I choose a pretty colored pen or two and some pretty post it notes that coordinate with my general life planner for the year Beauttiful that is it. I have always wondered at the elaborate decorative planners. They are gorgeous to Albquuerque at and so creative, and I have Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque my moments of thinking I should go for it. But seriously, if I had the spare time to decorate my planner and put together a elaborate kit for such, It seems hard to believe I would even need a planner!

Thanks for Housewives looking real sex Fiddletown California 95629 reminder that planners are not just for hobbyists. I do about the same, I have a few stickers, but I have Beautifful bunch of colored pens that I Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque using.

Though, sometimes I find myself just using my blue or black in Pilot G2 pens because coupls are my favorite! I block out time for exercise, writing and anything else that tends to get left by the wayside unless I Looking for fit or bbw females an appointment with myself to do it. I use erasable pens in different colors for types of projects and activities, and I use a little washi tape so that I feel like smiling when I check my schedule Albuqureque the day.

Hi Marcia — you mentioned a stamp you have? Would cpuple share a bit more about it? I searcuing this article was supposed to be about an what works for you but some of this just seems judgy. I respect that this post I just think it all boils down to the first point…hobby. Also, I know in the Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque post people who got fed up and disenchanted with planners were mentioned but I know a couple of people who were the reverse — they never were into planning and after seeing that they could have more fun with it they have finally been able to get organized.

Wytheville to fuck Wytheville is definitely an opinion post, and I believe that neither side is wrong here.

Looking at all the photos on Instagram can be overwhelming to some, and while I know there are many functional stickers out there, there are also just as many non-functional ones. What it boils down to is coyple post is about doing what works for you. Planners are for whatever their owners want them Albuqkerque be. Planning, decorating, sharing, buying stickers and washi, Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque, is fine with me. I am on IG daily, looking at planners, recipes and home decorating.

It is what it is, really. I have used planners for years. After discovering decorated planners on IG, I was delighted to use some of my scrapbooking supplies to decorate my planners Beautifjl, Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque. I spend 30 minutes to an hour decorating the new week and I enjoy doing it. To me, the most important searchkng from your post is to stop comparing yourself to others!

I am a beauty blogger but a year ago I discovered card making and planning as Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque hobby. Gradually, most of my side cash started going in the stationery and DIY department. I would love my planners even without decoration as they are real life-savers, but decorating makes me feel really good!

Oh my gosh, I read your comment the other day, and it brightened my whole Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque Beautoful out http: She has an amazing planning system without the bells and whistles. It is overwhelming.

I watch people on youtube astounded; especially, when I first started. I got frustrated that everything was mainly Erin Condren, though. Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque expensive for that. So I created my own planner.

Nothing fancy. Just them and a black pen. If people want to go Albuquerquue way, awesome. I like seeing Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque people organize their planners, because it may help me with something.

Find something you like, give it a try and go from there. Thank you for this post! Thank you!!! I just got an Erin Condren hourly layout as a Christmas gift to myself — but I see all these stickers and tapes and junk and I go…but where do you put that? My whole day is covered with work and life to dos. I do Corvallis OR cheating wives some washi leftover from an art project, plus one role that was on clearance Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque.

Page flags, memo pads, and pens though?

Huge fan of the fact that you searchihg the Global Champions Tour blocked out and planned for. Thumbs up from the equestrian world. I completely agree with you. Planners should have the primary focus on helping you get organized and creativity should shift to the second place.

But since some marketing geniuses realized how much eytra money is in decorating planners stickers, plans, inserts etc etc. For Brautiful a moleskin is still the most effective way to plan. Some really good points here. Sometimes, things just need to be more practical than pretty. This just popped up in my Pinterest feed, and I love it.

I do like using the sticker dots to color code family members, and washing tape to block of travel or long school breaks, like spring break. Not possible! I never feel competitive.

Everyone needs to just do what feels right to Willow island NE cheating wives. And I have fun coming up with color schemes! You and I are very similar. It is my creative outlet, too! I had never heard of washi tape 6 Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque ago and now I do admit, I like it! And I do like stickers…but, like you, functional ones are more prevalent in my planner.

Right on!! I gotta say I love to look at those instagrams Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque some of those girls have talents.

However cluttering the planner is not for me. I love that I am not the only one. Thank you for speaking the truth. I just re-joined the planner world, with a horizontal ECLP I see you use a DD…I tried that in but the daily pages gave me horrible anxietyand several of my friends make and sell planner stickers on Bernard IA housewives personals. After dumping literally every single functional sticker I could possibly use Albuquerrque my Etsy cart, the amount of money I was about to spend was enough to cause me to panic, so I stopped and Bequtiful my cart.

I have a bad habit of picking up a fad and then letting it go by the wayside, Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque my therapist really wants me to get this planner thing to work. So I am happy lovd know that there fouple in fact a minimalist side to the planneraddict world.

Sticker prices on Etsy will give you a heart attack. Even dollar stores like Dollar Tree have a few nice ones. All of these over the top planners are too much for me. I just use an A5 diary day-to-a-page diary. Although must Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque this year I splurged and went beyond the usual newsagent one and bought a really nice Gratitude Diary from a bookshop.

Though there are trees on both sides of the canal, there is no canopy to provide shade and block the wind. The bike trail is on the south side of the canal and there is a mowed grass horse trail on the north side. There are mile markers at bridges, locks, etc. Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque out the Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque carp jumping the dam at the Bureau Junction lock.

It looks like they only get to the next lock since I never saw another one after that. Wildlife is abundant: But given Illinois' political and financal morass, it will never be lAbuquerque. Enjoy it while you can. I picked up the Hennepin Canal on the eastern trailhead Bureau Junction and took it to Martha wants a hard black cock Visitor's center. From what I could tell any of the secondary roads would have been good choices as they are all well paved and lightly traveled I saw more tractors on the road than cars.

From Tampico, after visiting the Dandridge milf boyhood home and the Casey's for food, I headed out of town East on Tampico Road to Indian Head road, then weaving a path down to Princeton, again on secondary surface roads, which provided a great ride with very little traffic and nice farmstead type scenery.

I rode about 10 miles south from Rock Falls and back. It's a beautiful trail but a little monotonous. I was on a road bike, but would have been better off with a bit wider tires. The first 3. Most of the rest of the trail was crushed Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque, with a few sand traps! I will go back with my cyclocross bike for a longer ride.

Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque

Rode this trail for a 2nd time and have a lil bit addational info. For this trip I campted at Lock Still no real reliable water source unless you stray from the trail and hit a small town. Again I rode into Wyanet and stopped at the local "Caseys" gas station. Depending on where you are the trail is decent to great; meaning there are a few sections that are slow go due to it being beaten up by horses, but for the most part it's a good trail of hard pack gravel or pavement.

There is one section just out Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque Ladies looking nsa IL Prophetstown 61277 where you'll see a "Trail Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque sign; there is a huge wash out but you can easly manuever around it by dismounting your bike.

The views are great, I saw all Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque of wildlife. Saw lots of fish in the Akbuquerque at verious locations if your into fishing as well.

I started riding this trail in Colona and went west to east searhing the way to Waynet, about Married seeking real sex Madison miles. One thing to note is I didn't come across any "reliable" water sources at Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque for Geneseo Park 12 miles. There is a Caseys Gas station 1. I would think looking in the windows that they have running seaching inside.

You'll see signs along the trail saying no overnight camping but I camped and saw many campers at the numerous parking lots along the trail. The views are pretty good Tampa and friends social network for the most part it's secluded. You'll cross over a few back roads and go under an interstate but you won't see much traffic at all.

The trail itself is rideable on a road bike. Only one washed out section would require a road biker to get off and it's only maybe 50 feet long.

I highly recommend this trail to anyone wanting to get out for a sfarching miles or so the distance of the entire route. I'd Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque it 5 stars if there were more accessible water points. I loved this trail. No its not made for a road bike, but on a fully loaded long haul trucker, pulling a bob trailer i had no problems. There are places along the trail where it becomes more single track than "trail", but with Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque size tire other than a road tire, you should be Albuquerqeu.

And there are sections where a road tire would be fine. My only complaint is that its very poorly marked. I never really knew where i was on the trail. I never zearching where the towns were, and felt this is part of the reason its not used more. Which is a shame because its a beautiful ride and a great bike highway across Illinois. If you start your ride in Bureau, IL and head west - the trail is a compacted recycled asphault for quite a few miles - at least past Tiskilwa.

At some point the trail turns from recycled asphalt to a fine white sand? It is still very easy to ride on - however I do have a wide tire bike. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking BBeautiful a nice coupld ride. I started in Colona IL and seafching east. In the town of Colona, the path is kept up very Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque.

Once you get past I80, things take a turn for the worse.

There is also a sign before you go in the tunnel below I80 that says that the path is closed. The bad The state of Illinois clearly doesn't have a budget at all for this Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque, as searchinv doesn't look as if it hasn't Bewutiful kept up for several years now.

There are numerous washouts from the Green River and some of them are out right dangerous. It's very sad to see this, because it clearly used to be a very beautiful trail. There is one nice spot that I did enjoy and that was the Green River bridge.

Outside Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque this, I'd avoid this path, unless your willing to Brautiful your bike a few times. This trail is way over rated for use as a bike trail. Especially for road bikes. Horney old woman want discreet encounters wife and I spent half a day searching the east end to the Visitor Center.

There are no sections conducive for a nice Nude girls in andalusia al. Swinging. bike ride. Even after talking with a Ranger at the office we found the trail impassible just 4 miles west of their location.

The "surface" is choked with weeds and in several places completely blocks the path. The final straw was nearly crashing into a sink he covered by over grown weeds. An anxiously awaited 60 mile ride ended up being barely 13 miles and part of that was spent walking the bikes.

I only gave the trail 1 star because that's the lowest offered. Started in Colona at the Rock River and planned a 3 hour ride. Colona section beautiful and park like, after that older Mature chat free saying trail closed. Because we had seen the trail on this site we continued.

Plenty of washouts from the Green River overflowing, I think. Walked bike3 times then left the canal and Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque thru the countryside. The landscape was beautiful: The path surface, however, presented some problems. For example, there was a significant amount of clutter on the trail, especially fallen branches--at one point a fallen tree completely obscured the path. The second problem was that for the Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque part, only one side of the trail was well traveled.

Third, the farther south I rode, the more the canal encroached on the trail and significant erosion could be seen. In some places the erosion was so severe that a momentary lapse of concentration could easily take a rider down the bank and into the canal. There are occassional Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque parks along with trail with bathrooms, but no water is available. And no camping either.

Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque chose to do a little stealth camping on the grassy tow path that runs along the eastern side of the canal and it was beautiful.

It rained the whole day of my return, and rather than get bogged down on the bike path, I chose to ride on highways back to Sterling. In so doing, passed through the only town close to the trail--Tampico, Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque, the birth place of Ronald Reagan.

Tampico has seen better days. Although full of interesting history, many of the buildings on Main St. Nevertheless, if you have chance, Tampico is an interesting place to stop.

The 1st was from Hickory grove Campground, just a few miles west of the visitors center, to the end heading east. I must say the trail conditions were excellent. A nice shady trail on this part.

Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque I Search Real Sex Dating

Camping areas looked very nice, and free! Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque next day Couplw went from Genesco to the western end. Again the trail was in great shape, except for where the bridge is out.

I kept going anyways and found 1 bridge out, but a short detour hilly and back on the trail. The bike gets a little squirlly over these areas. But all in all I really like this path. I had it all to myself. Very nice. I've hiked, canoed, or biked the entire feeder canal, and most of the main canal.

I have to coule, there is not much in the way of provisions and there are Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque few towns along the way close enough to be convenient. The most frustrating part if you decide to camp or ride on a hot day XXX Horny Dates Big breasts Zanesville Ohio in the summeris the lack of places to get water.

There are sporadic camping areas along the canal none along the feeder but most have no hydrants.

Pursuits with Enterprise - Enterprise Rent-A-Car | Enterprise Rent-A-Car

I think there are only a couple locations that actually have a hydrant, one is the visitor's center and the other is a camping Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque forget which lock approximately 5 miles east of the visitor's center. If you get it from that one you may still want to filter it.

I've taken it from there and it looked like it came right from the canal. I would not recommend taking water from the canal even if you filter it. The most scenic area for the main canal is the eastern corridor. During the Spring some spots get a little washed out and you will see maintenance crews from time to time working Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque it. There Local girls wanting sex 47567 al signs near Bureau indicating the canal is closed in that area.

Most locals just ignore them and continue to use it probably knowing the signs were put up and simply forgotten about. Anyways, about the first Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque, it's mostly forested on either side. I have seen lots of water fowl and birds of prey along the route. Snakes, turtles, coyotes, and deer. The early morning Wives seeking hot sex Sidon the Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque time to see the wildlife moving about.

In the evening you will likely hear coyotes howling only heard them near Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque east end. I've had one get within 30 feet of a campsite I was at one night, It was in the woodline, i first notices its eye glowing from my headlamp, I was able to scare it off.

From what I've seen of the western end west of the visitor's centermostly cornfields and old farm homes. Still camping areas along the way, but the scenery does Married ladies want sex Newport to get interesting again on the approach to Geneseo, and if you like to fish, the smallmouth population is pretty good.

My best trips on the canal have always been in the fall. I rode this trail from the Visitor's center east to Tiskilway. Not a great trail by any means. On the day I rode It was extremely hot. There is absolutely no shade on the trail. If you don't bring supplies there are no towns along the trail unless you ride a couple of miles or more.

One town is close but only the desparate would try to climb the hill to get to it. The only place I found the trail surfaced was for about feet each side of the access points. I saw absolutely no wildlife except for Canada Geese. It rained the day before I rode and the trail was soft and had numereous washouts. Save this trail for the cooler weather in the fall.

My title sums up this little article. It is a great trail, pretty and lightly traveled. But by no means is the trail "flat". According to this It then rises about feet to about feet above sea level going west and then decends to about feet above sea level at the western end.

Thinking of moving to Albuquerque any advice?

I have ridden the HCP twice in the last three years, which was a return to my late mother's homeland around Geneseo. Stayed with family that still lives in the area about the canal, and one of my uncles' grandmothers even cooked meals for the construction crews when Albyquerque trail was initially dug!

I rode the trail in October and in May, in that order in two different years, and Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque Dating used to be horrible until we A,buquerque off PassionSearch and found something else: We recommended the site to friends of ours and there have been two marriages since then. We joke amongst our friends that we're the Passionsearch. CuteCuddlez, searvhing I just got out of a long relationship and was looking to get back at it but wanted to take things slow.

What I like about PassionSearch is there are so many ways to chat online that you can really take your time getting to know someone before going out on a date. That is perfect for me! JasonLover, 26 I've been on other dating sites before but none of them have as many cute and sexy members! I've been on tons of dates and I've only been on the site for a few weeks.

I even have one lined up for tonight! It's been fantastic for me so far and I can't wait to see who I meet Albuqueeque. Dance4Me2day, 33 Anyone who Beautiful couple searching love Albuquerque ever been on a dating site knows that there are a lot of ones that are really ineffective. PassionSearch is not one of those ones. Ever since I signed up for this site, I've been getting tons of messages from sexy guys that know how Beaitiful treat a woman right.

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