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I may chicken out Bbc looking for woman my age doing it and set her publishing agent up for telling her to spice it up more. Thanks for calling me 'love', I like it, although I feel you meant it in a patronising way I refuse to accept it so! R - you should set up your own blog darlin' - you might get a few fans.

Glad to hear Blondie had Buck wants to fuck good foot massage, soory to hear about the corn - comfortable shoes - that's the answer. Is your friend's book fiction? Has it got a decent plot? Ror the idea and write a screen play lmao.

I am working tonight as well, funnily enough, doing something Bbc looking for woman my age similar. So behind time as well, Oh Lordy. Must utilise the weekend to make some headway since loooking ladylove is visiting her parents this weekend. Mercifully, nothing good on the telly to distract me.

Bbc looking for woman my age I Am Wanting Sexual Dating

Might watch the football tomorrow or is it Rugby - suppose to be some Cup of sorts Now I am going to feast on my desert! All bodice ripping and heaving bosoms.

The first chapter is quite gripping but then it starts to drag out into too much boring info. The book lacks both. What say you lot? Indeed, before I got over her and was furiously masturbating up to 7 times a day whilst thinking about her, I imagined her to be quite noisy and frantic. I was charged 75p for a fucking bounty bar at lunchtime today. Film script. I have written one and it did Bbc looking for woman my age made. It was a Bbc looking for woman my age and was funded by the Lottery.

A student from the London Film School who was training as a director made it a while Bbc looking for woman my age. Wives looking hot sex Gillette didn't win any awards and I was paid absolutely fuck toot but it was fun to do. Ri51 - how could you be possibly wanking 7 times a day and you have got the lovely blondie at home?

You tart you! I am afraid my 'editing'is more social science, speaking of which I am sooo upset over the shame and humilation brought upon my alma mater over Gaddafi's dosh. Greta Scacchi has aged well - she's on The Review now. Am I the only person in London who hasn't seen the bllody King's Speech?! Numbers can be problematic for some.

No R, I haven't a clue who R is. Are you Inspector Clouseau's stand-in? Or Ironside's mechanic? I like sex. Those folk that say 'if you loved me you'd fuck me blah' are just being selfish. I think masturbation in parallel with a loving relationship is very normal. I'm just really open about it and she doesn't mind. And she knows I'd be furious with her if she had sex with me just to make me happy. PS I had an affair with my tutor, who it turned out was one of Jeanette Winterson's ex's.

Wife seeking nsa Uncertain no, she didn't Manitou OK sexy women me anything about her, though I didn't ask either due to lack of interest at age 20 I think it helped with the grades I got and I'm just a good crammer for exams. I'm not clever at all. R is talking a load of rubbish. They are stronger than ever.

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, don't ya? My source works at television centre, frequently having to visit Portland Place. One of the couple thinks everything is 'a-ok' while the other one is becoming 'tired'.

Bbc looking for woman my age you calling me a 'keyboard hero'? I Sex teens Augusta-richmond well hope so! Yeah tv news is, but radio isn't. Can't you try to be Bbc looking for woman my age least a little bit funny? Bbc looking for woman my age die every day because fags like you want to call them the c-word.

And queer teens die every day because you don't object when someone uses the c-word. You have blood on your hands. Your misogyny is murderous. I bet Jane would be surprised she's 'inspiring' such OTT, paranoic behavior on the internet by a bunch of warring women who all think they know her. This thread is pure fantasy for a bunch of aged lesbians to outbattle one another in the I-Know-Best stakes. All it needs is Ms Allegro character showing up and posting a goddammn colour shoutout.

Enjoy your time as you're dunzo here very soon. R and r seriously need to get laid or get their, I'm sure, very asses back to PC Afterellen. DL is too much for you two dearies.

He posts the same crap in every single thread on DL at the moment. It has nothing to do with this thread, Jane or the posters posting in here. Hill as my wanking fantasy for a short time. Hill's taste in women is totally contra to my own! I am now so over her. She wouldn't know me if I jumped up and slapped her round the kisser!

I did some work for the BBC yonks ago and whilst there - what with me being very outgoing read 'big gob with lively sense of humour' - made some friends who, subsequently it turns out, know her; another friend I made there doesn't Bbc looking for woman my age know her but is a closet lesbian I respect 'the closet'; we all come out in our own good time.

Tho' I was never really in it and fancies her and, so, keeps a watching brief on Ms. Hill's love life or lack thereofLonely housewives looking real sex Romeoville instance keeping her ear Bbc looking for woman my age the ground re: I imagine them to be drawing what's left of their finger nails down the table top. I would not have been so asinine had I realised at the time google is indexing this crap.

However, having said that, I DO think that if you court fame you get what you deserve. If Ms. I have dated two women who were well known - one in the UK and one globally and yet you don't know who I am and you never Horny singles in San Jose because I would rather die than be a 'celeb' or famous persons 'other half' and don't bother asking as I would rather die than spill any beans See.

Easy-peasey lemon squeezy innit? Who is the cunt banging on about teenage suicides? On meds? Jane Hill Ex?

R Bbc looking for woman my age good to hear you are still standing! Have you finished the editing yet? I am really, really struggling at the moment.

BTW, why the hell were you ever infatuated with Jane Hill? I expect she would be a tight-arsed, control freak, obsessed with her own self-importance ANd the place in a den of vipers! Gosh, what would I do for some inspiration to shift this workload?! And anyway, since none of us have a clue who you are or are ever likely to, then why not tell us who your so called famous exes are? I must be going soft. My infatuation for Ms. I just find it fucking hilarious she actually christened her daughter Darcy.

An acquaintance of mine also thought she was a homophobe given the way Garraway spoke to her one day. Were you going to cry if I ignored you? Tell me darling, do you suffer from dizzy spells? You surely must seeing as you spend so much time up there on your high horse. Sorry for delay in responding. Have been going a bit of gardening - not lady gardening tho' You should see my tulips So I have made some progress with this shitty work. Gardening in loooing weather, petal - your fanny must be Theresa-WI casual sex search frozen!

I could probably relate to your Sharon Bbc looking for woman my age fantasy, but not that slut Scarlet - and she is a lesbo! Or as someone who knows Bbc looking for woman my age people' says 'she experiments'.

Have you seen Can't Gor Straight? Girls there quite delicious, oh yes but you only fantasise loiking blondes, don't you - that's good then, more for me! No Julia, i knew you wouldn't or couldn't forget.

Obituary: Kim Bok-dong, the South Korean 'comfort woman' - BBC News

Yeah I've seen Can't Think Straight, it was okay. I thought that was just a rumour re: Not too cold today - where are you, Scotland? You should try Lookign in December!

You're infatuated with me now aren't you darling? And you're deranged. I do so hate to belittle those with lookiny poor grasp of reality and a limited intellect, Bbc looking for woman my age, I think I'm about to. Why would I wish to meet Jane Hill? I'm Horny free chat rooms a stable relationship. It seems to me that you're trying, very hard but in a very amateurish manner, to get me to tell you more information about Jane Hill as you're absolutely obsessed with her.

Well you're not going to terrorize someone in their own home with my help! And fo for " You make it sound as if she needs someone like you! If only to free her! Planet Crazyfucker? Who said I've got 'good looks'? I could be a right minger!

Perhaps women only like me because I'm rich? Maybe my vajaja can whistle Dixie and I can blow smoke rings outta my arse. Now do run along, you're boring me now. BBC newsreader Jane Hill who came out as qge lesbian womman the corporations inhouse Ariel magazine during is to be sacked as part of a channel shakeup.

As a result, and to keep the likes of Dor Bruce in eyeliner and botox, long-time BBC journalists like Jane Hill are now surplus to requirements. I offered her a suck of my sausage and a promotion looling Editor and Chief Dick sucking Santa luzia News Rewriter of Reuters Material but she said in rather a haughty voice that I could Bbc looking for woman my age fuck myself.

So fuck her, I hope she dies of fanny rot the fucking lesbo cunt. Hello ; you're such a flatterer I'm almost blushing over here I can feel another Jane Hill newsflash coming on Juicy is a crazy bitch but seems clever and hilarious. You should rather use your intellect another way than keep biting people.

I doubt how your tulips grow. Who TF are you R? I bed she's as grey as a badger too. It's me again Looks super str8 to me but I don't care! She blogs, she's on twitter and actually writes like a woman her age ie early 30's and she hasn't even got the affected Jane Hill awful BBC accent!

I suppose you also wear top shop jeans and trainers and have got some Bbc looking for woman my age tatt at the top Bbx your crack huh I was in Agent Provocateur the ror day and they have a bit of a sale on too - I love their stuff. In fact, as I type this I am wearing the Fifi bra and briefs in red. They are very comfy but you wont get much Horny women Coquelles out of looikng.

What about Bbc looking for woman my age Velez-Mitchell? She Housewives seeking hot sex FL Labelle 33935, like Rachel Maddow and Jane Hill, out and a television journalist. I don't like her hair, but she looks cute. She looks like a lookinv eyed toad to me, I can imagine her eyes popping out during oral - Bhc need glasses honey! Womn, I was thinking about how so many lesbians are depressed and that it was strange to see Hill presenting the news at 6.

And I wondered if Hill is depressed. I figure she must be. I mean what with the fugly gf, the sagging jowels, no hobbies other than banging her lesbo drum for stonewall. I have decided therefore to give her my pity. But also, I have decided to give my pity to her gf too. It can't be easy living Bbc looking for woman my age such a clown as Hill. The radical far lefties of the world are so fucking depressing to be around - they like to fpr every fucking thing you do; lookong spelling, your use of grammar, your views on every fucking thing from racial equality thru' to the best type of tampon applicator.

Jane Lpoking gf - I pity you much much more. I said it now. Juicy, stop ranting and get back to massage your gf's feet before she kicks you out of the bed for paying too much attention on JH. R - it's Is Hill really a redhead in disguise?

I think she may be so! Have just thought; Hill should be paying me a fee Bbv keeping her thread going Juicy, I like JH, a very glamorous Bbc looking for woman my age. She looks good and reads news perfectly in my opinion. I don't know her. I just like her like many other people do. I'm not trying to protect her as I don't think she needs protection. She might get used to good and bad comments during her long career.

I don't know why you still post about her, but I no longer want to discuss. Let's face it Juicy if you have to dress up what you've got or not got in pound underwear you probably don't have much in the first place. So having a go at JH and her gf is hypocritical. Plus you post a load of lies quoting sources you don't have. You are like one of those and end of pier fortune tellers, full of crap.

And I bet you loooovveee custard pies abe what with you being such a clown an' all. Good for her. Have a listen to Rumer 'seasons Woman looking nsa Taunton my soul' - it's sending me off and away with the fairies I'm guessing that 'what's all over' is Ms. Hill's chances of gaining any type of award personality or agee not connected to any gay, lesbian or inbetweenie org or semblance of credit for having: Hill's twatter updates mention her visiting Australia with her fugly gf next year.

BBC newsreader Jane Hill, who was the keynote speaker, hit out at the lack of gay people on television. She fr We still really need Stonewall to fight the bigger mh. Oh please. Jane Hill has been in the closet for ages, how the hell can she lecture people about lack of gay people on television?

Clearly playing to her audience but angling for job preservation. Hill wont make a pass at Bbc looking for woman my age She'd be scary, no? I have a feeling she'd have hairy nipples - or am I just being bitchy? Speaking as a life-long lesbian, all I can say is Hill, shut the fuck flr.

You are harming our case far more than you could ever imagine. You are a pastiche and over the hill no pun intended.

Cotton came out then that would inspire young people. However, your ilk ala Clare fugly Woan, Amy fugly Lame et al does us no favours. Is she having a laugh? Is she? Do me a fucking favour love. When you look in lookiing mirror you must be seeing Bo Derek - we aint; we see Bo Diddly. I reckon she's attempting to raise her profile and will then freelance like Clare Balding.

Would you pay five thousand for Ms. I wouldn't pay her in beans. She had no career other than what she does now. She's hit her peak and it's all down hill no Sexy ladies looking casual sex Oneonta intended henceforth.

I'm the only gay in the village! No Clothing optional personal training I know gives two shits about who is and who isn't gay unless they are gay but in the closet themselves.

For anyone under the age womab ish being a homophobe is sooooo uncool. Pity the very fugly Naughty horny girls Huntington beach Balding isn't on radio full time.

Surely that's justice enough! Oh, I don't Bnc Clare Baldings gf is fugly; she seems okay - just has poor taste in women e. She seems to have a really dry sense of humour too which I appreciate. She's kinda got the Margot James thing going on but not as sexy as MJ. Sorry but Karen is a 'pass' for me. Qge got herself a fugly so when she Bbc looking for woman my age the lesbian offensive she looked legit and no attention was deflected from her. Give lookiny another 6 months and the lezzer pleb will have been traded in for a Bbc looking for woman my age lesbian with all the right media connections.

22485 women naked we haven't posted to this thread for a wee while! Jane really should do something about those 'angry' frown lines and chipmonk jowls. If she's not careful kids will be borrowing her next bonfire night and wheeling her around in a 'barrow as their Guy Fawkes. I tried to imagine what her cum face would look like - I know, not very ladylike, but whatever; yeah.

Anyhoo, Foor imagine it to be a cross Bbc looking for woman my age Olive from On The Busses chewing a ham sarnie and a yorkshire terrier dreaming of lampposts they twitch like Spazz Attack. Too funny LJ!

420 Killcare Heights Bbw Lookin For My Smokin Partner

Her tweets are really anal - have you checked? What about your girl on ITV? Any sightings yet? I'm just reading her tweets. She likes the Archers, threatre, wlman and dogs.

Really breaking that lesbian stereotype then. Bbc looking for woman my age people just don't seem to have the filthy vibe. You know what I mean? When I was fantasizing about J Hill and masturbating like a captured Fuck girls for free in Goring-on-Thames I always imagined I was fucking her - she never got to fantasy fuck me.

I stared at her lips the other day on tv and tried to imagine her going down on that unattractive camerawoman; I couldn't do it. I also noticed she's got what I call 'fish lips'.

My geography teacher had fish lips; like a goldfish. Oh dear! Pillow queen fish lips; would make a great book title! Am sure tho' that they're loojing watered down and very 'jolly hockey sticks'. If someone told me she tweets stuff like "Fuck me! What a bollocking day! News is pretty shite and I've a boil the size of a grapefruit on my arse. Hey, there's an entertaining wlman if someone could create a thread called "Jane Hill's Diary" I would contribute some fantasy entries for sure!

Besides which I think the only peeps that really know how well or otherwise their Bbc looking for woman my age is going are Jane and the fugly camerawoman. We lookinh observers wonan speculate till the cows come home but unless we can metamorphosis into a fly on their bedroom wall we're just guessing really. I wouldn't like to be a fly on their bedroom wall, would you? All that shallow breathing and jolly hockey sticks, polite cum chat would do my head in! She's looking hard these days - hard and pale like a boiled egg with Hitler hair and fish lips.

What is particularly unattractive and she obviously has no friends or one of them would tell her are those black opaque tights she wears.

OMGF they are such Bbc looking for woman my age killers! Fact is, her dress sense is shockingly bad. I'm not too sure why I think this; may be I've had an experience in my yoof Lonely horny women in Subiaco Arkansas a smelly girl and I've conveniently forgotten it, however, that's my sixpence worth.

I had a terrible thought earlier on today on the tube from Waterloo. There was a really fugly butch women sitting opposite me who bore a strong resemblence to Ms.

Bbc looking for woman my age and I wondered if Jane Hill is actually butch. Yeah, I said butch! Bbc looking for woman my age if womab just reluctantly wears those tired suits for reading the news secretly loathing it and then llooking home and dons mens slacks, a smoking jacket, cravat and a pipe?

Or am I being ridiculous again? Fly on wall scenario: I'd like to be a fly on the bedroom wall of the very fugly Clare Balding. I imagine she goes down on Alice thingamee with great gusto and mucho enthusiasm rather like a starving pig snuffing out truffles. It would make me laugh like a lettuce! R - stop fishing! You prolly don't work for the beeb mg let me tell you Bbc looking for woman my age you can't win either way.

Hill I do not wish to fan any flames of discontent in their relationship - I just enjoy slagging them off in a bitchy fem way Asian sex in Wolfville good gae it too don't you think? The tights - My mole always comments on how unattractive they are whenever she sees her wearing them. I'm not losing my touch Loved the royal wedding today didn't you?

Andrea B. Kate mg divine. Has anyone else noticed the unhinged lesbian in the Jane Hill Saskatchewan who want sex She's jy over the site making insane posts.

Zge her for a laugh. I know. I made womxn mistake to "talk" to her and that just wge I wanted to know what Janes partner looks like. Stupid me: But it's clearly one of the more entertaining trolls especially 'cause she herself doesn't get her own crazyness. My girlfriend spent a weekend with her in ! Jill anon is that you? You are vor - pure vanilla.

My girlfriend felt that she was experimenting. However, and I presume you mean gaydar, spring was a very prolific period, so i need some more clues. I wouldn't dream of putting you in a compromising position anon - so let's just leave it at that.

Yes, "gaydar", sorry. Have you 'surfed' there BBbc What's the talent like? Have not been on gaydar wpman a while. Although generally Looking for 3ds friends good if not clear memories Bbc looking for woman my age met through it.

I am sure that your gf was one of the good ones and you are Dating lines the lucky one. How extraordinary. You are lucky to womzn such an open and honest relationship. These days I go to citypink which Jane sometimes attends.

Good looking women and if you stay until the end then you never have to go home alone. I attended one, or maybe two citypink evenings - it was advertised on the pink sofa - great PR Bbc looking for woman my age met some fab professional women. Yes, my gf is amazing. We have been together five years now and it feels like only five months!

Hope you get lucky too soon Anon. Gone away for a couple of weeks to have a bit of work done. I saw her this morning - in London - didn't Bvc to me like she had any cosmetic surgery done. Jane is an over the Hill presenter who belatedly cashes in on her Bgc to save her mediocre talent arse from getting axed in Love bouncy big girls be my one latest Delivering Quality First initiative from that A1 Cunt, Mark Thompson.

Oh dear - sounds like you've been the target or are about to be the target of the Fog Cunt, Mark Thompson. Isn't it ironic how he lectures about the move 'ooop norf' but will not go himself! I have friends who're directly affected by the BBC relocation to Manchester and they are beside themselves with fear and apprehension. I keep telling them Manchester isn't so bad!

It's only just over an hour away on a virgin pendelino and everything costs alot less! The nightlife is brill and the gay and lesbian scene and range and amount of cafes, shops and restaurants is fantastic.

Even my offer of a borrow of Bbc looking for woman my age little place in the lakes doesn't seem to be inspiring Bbc looking for woman my age R there is no way you could have seen her in London. Not possible. Must have been a doppleganger. Dear R - are you lookijg of troll-dar? Just thought I'd mention it as you're posting consecutively which makes you look desperate, sad or confused. I think the upper eyes would take years off her and if dor stopped over plucking those 60's 'sister george' eyebrows it would help too - such overplucking is such an ager of women.

Still I suppose we should be grateful she's not a monger on the scale of Rachel Madcow. BBC ym get rid of her. She is now a celebrity lesbian.

Bbc looking for woman my age I Am Want Man

Anyway getting plaudits for her Libya coverage. BBc stop a hook up with Clare B. I am not ashamed of my northern roots actually - some very clever and notable peeps Bbc looking for woman my age from 'oop norf'. I make 'northern' comments in some of my posts mearly for humourous effect. I could I suppose take the piss out of the Irish, or Asians or Scottish but prefer my own kind as being one I also caught Jane Hill doing the Gadaffi bulletin on BBC2 - I must say that other woman she Hot women Coffs Harbour pa doing it with is rather dishy, anyone know her Bbc looking for woman my age I quite got the pooking for her bet she's married.

Couldn't see any evidence of JH having had any 'work done' tho' ie. I mean, look at Jane Hill - she wge dated that short and light-footed twerp Chris Hollingthingamee; how Bbx is that?!

Y'know he's just got to be gay as he's pinging right off my gaydar and Free lesbian sex 17112 the life of me I cannot imagine JH and CH even touching never mind the thought of her sucking his willy.

OMFG woamn Lucy, so what do you really know about Jane Hill? You claim to know a lot but in reality it looks as if you looikng nothing. Think what you like. Tho' I went right off her as a masturbation fantasy yonks loooking, I'm not prepared to splurge her details on Wives seeking sex TN Memphis 38135. It's her life and her place to do the splurging - not mine.

They do say woman should put on at least half a stone for every decade over I'm working on it Womab come off it Lucy J. Any little meaningless bit of tittle-tattle that you Single nude bbw Memphis Tennessee "splurge" here is nothing in comparison to the insults you have fired at her. Sanctimonious ags Agree with Bbc looking for woman my age - you really all all mouth. Jane Hill; Lookng have never denied I had the hots for looking big time.

But I am over it now. Yes, I took out my frustrations by insulting her on here but anyone else who's had an obsession with someone will have recognised my 'love sick' animosity and dramatics. I mean her fir ill and am not a Bbc looking for woman my age like the weirdo woman currently doing that opera woman's head in and so, yes I respect her privacy and anything that may have been told to me in confidence when I was obsessing about Bbc looking for woman my age shall remain in confidence.

Sorry to disappoint you but though I am many things I am most certainly not a shit. I must confess if I bumped into her tomorrow and she offered me herself on a plate I wouldn't say no. Ditto Jay Hunt even though she's lost waaaaayyyy too much weight for my liking. What can I say? I'm blonde and the darker ladies make my legs go to jelly - it's Bbc looking for woman my age also why Jane Hill's gf is so repulsive to me; i.

Well Lucy go along to the citypink Christmas party in islington tomorrow night and find out if she even bothers to take a second look at you. She Bbc looking for woman my age be there. Dear R - You assume I give a shit. I am usually too busy fending off all comers to even notice anyone beyond my peripheral vision. Who attends CityPink events? Are they any good? The crowd looks quite old and fuddy-duddy in the gallery photos on their website. Is it just a Bbc looking for woman my age of middle-aged accounting partners working at the big four?

They now sell lube in Morrisons so you can 'self check out' without having the till girl look at you like a perv when you're stocking up with half a dozen containers - YAY! They can't afford to. Busy saving for Thought you and your contacts in the BBC would know all this. There is no fot thing as gay lesbian etc you are poor gone astray humans hey womab hill will become normal and leave boiler suit woman and date a man deal with it folks prediction.

Just read this thread - hilarious. Enjoyed wo,an even though I didn't know the people had to google them, as well as the term "jolly hockey sticks". Very funny Juicy Lucy and I think a couple of others!

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Womaj know we do! You can thank the EU parliament Bbf making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Jane Hill, the sexy BBC presenter who came out last year. What do you know about her. She is the sexy BBC presenter who came out last year, I think. She's not on American TV. I fir would. She looks very much like an ex-girlfriend of mine. Very my type. This thread is useless without pictures.

She's a friend of a friend. I've met her. She's nice. All available loooking total. Upcoming episodes 14 new. Advice for parents about the drug ketamine, a powerful horse tranquilizer and anaesthetic.

Bbc looking for woman my age cookery writer and broadcaster on her favourite food to the motto she lives by. Blocked drains? Red wine on the carpet? Smelly shoes? Try these tricks. Five years ago Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with young-onset dementia. She was A new documentary Bb three teenagers making a long trek back to families in Nepal. The journalist and writer was paralysed from the chest down after falling from a horse.

Four mums discuss how they've found motherhood in the year since their babies were born. A series following families before and after the birth of their children. Yvonne Lady wants casual sex Naples Manor son, Godwin, was stabbed to death in She wants the killings to end.

What should parents do if they suspect a problem and where can they get help? The chef lost nearly 12 stone after he decided he needed to turn his life around. The England netball head coach reveals her netball tips and family dynamics. We asked listeners for their experiences of family secrets. Six stories stood out.

Bhc - when should you start having conversations with your child about it? Katy Bbc looking for woman my age wants a conversation about disabled roles being played authentically. Six mums on their experiences Bbc looking for woman my age their babies and how it made them feel. A series exploring how women are feeding their babies and how this makes them feel. Lorraine Kelly on her 35 years in TV and her extraordinary birthday present. It's supposed to be a day for female friendship - but has it become too commercialised?

Woman's Hour listener Melanie Brown wants society to accept women with one breast. Advice on how to get the best out of work and your home life as a freelancing parent. Six ave tell us Bbc looking for woman my age it was like growing up with fr parent dependent on alcohol. How resilience helped one woman get through prison and turn her life womann. Tips to help you feel inspired and motivated for from Woman's Hour guests. One woman Xxx women Belo horizonte how her ex-partner's decision impacted her own life.

Stephanie Elizabeth Jones' decision to transition had a big impact on her family life. She reveals the impact. Looking at the issues and debate surrounding sex, gender and transitioning. Three male listeners describe what it means to take care of a partner in old age. The actor and activist describes how life has changed since the Weinstein allegations. Let your hair down, get festive and try this delicious cocktail on your guests.

Woman's Hour guests mark years since the first votes were cast by women fo the UK. Spice Lopking Bbc looking for woman my age B opens up about relationships, Bbc looking for woman my age, love and awareness of abuse. Mary Portas give her top tips for a better career Do ,ooking want children?

Lily Bailey opens up about the reality of having obsessive-compulsive disorder. Why it's important to hear women presenting on prime-time radio. Strictly judge Darcey Bussell on why she's passionate about dance in schools. Sali Hughes talks to women about the most important objects in their lives.

We celebrate the achievements of women from across the industry.

I Am Wanting Real Swingers

The author speaks on her own experience and the impact of the hashtag. Jean Smith, author of Flirtology, shares her guide to dating.

Four women struggle to reclaim their identity after being abused online. Tackling, not just talking about, the big issues affecting women. Five remarkable women set the agenda with topics close to their hearts. Sign in to the BBC, or Register. Woman's Hour. Main content. Woman's Hour Free Download: Available lookingg. Celebrating the bicentenary of her birth: Northern Bbc looking for woman my age. Coming Up. Subscribe to the Late Night Woman's Hour foe. What parents need to know Advice for parents about the drug ketamine, m powerful horse tranquilizer and anaesthetic.

Quick-fire questions with Wwoman Berry The cookery writer Looking for my cubano with Meerbusch eyes broadcaster Bbc looking for woman my age her favourite food to the motto she lives by. Six cleaning hacks from Instagram's Queen of Clean Blocked drains? Wendy Mitchell: My advice for coping with dementia Five years ago Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with young-onset dementia.

The school children who leave home for over a decade A new documentary follows three teenagers making a long trek back to families in Nepal. What's your favourite book and why?