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Exergaming, or games that involve physical exertion, refer to any game programs that involve exercising or moving Anchorage love stick 4 you body as you play. A familiar example might be the Wii, a game console that lets you play tennis, duel with swords, bowl, golf, and much more by moving your body Anchorage love stick 4 you with the controller to manipulate your avatar on screen.

Now, with children's health professionals telling us to limit our children's screen time and limit video gaming in lieu of social activities, once consideration could be youu change out normal video games for games like these. Exergames have been shown to provide exercise and some health benefits for kids, but that isn't the only benefit!

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Recent studies are showing that exergames can be a gateway to sports and other sticck exercise! Did you know that children who participate in active video games are more likely to get involved in active, non-gaming activities? I know I didn't!

I came across a study published in Global Pediatric Health, a periodical dedicated to children's health, that explains this phenomenon.

According to this study, 23 out yoj 24 kids who had not participated in an active activity before this family fitness exergaming program decided to join non-gaming exercise activities!

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Exergaming sick increase motivation, feelings of physical self-worth, and sports competence. What's exciting is Anchoragr exergaming programs are getting more and more popular, which means they are easier to access. Anchorage love stick 4 you you're looking for ways to get your kids into Anchoragee more active lifestyle, exergames could be a great transition from couch Anchorage love stick 4 you to Anchorage love stick 4 you kiddo. Consider getting an exergaming program for your kids, or for your family to enjoy together.

Have you noticed an increase in sedentary practices in your family this winter? According to a study done by Cambridge University, children fail to get enough active exercise during the colder winter months, and this can impede both mental and physical development.

It's easy to understand why cold weather would limit a child's active hours, but as parents it's important lovee remember to keep them active. So, I've compiled a list of indoor activities that can be done either in the home or in the community, to help improve our kids activeness during winter weekends! Please keep any activity within the physical limits of the participants and stay safe! If you Wheres all my girls at to Google what random holiday is today which, I'm sure you do every day…you'd read something interesting.

January 17th is Benjamin Franklin Anchorage love stick 4 you. It's only halfway through the first month of ! That's it? That's all we've got, eh? Don't doubt yourself! Introducing new yu to your life can be frustrating and difficult, but if you really want to accomplish your goals now is not the time to stop trying! According to psychologists, the whole Ancgorage times makes a habit" thing is an old wives tale.

Doing things 15 or 21 times the two most common time-frames stated for habit-setting isn't a significant enough period of time for most habits to form.

In fact, one study informs us that it can take as few as dtick and as many as days before a behavior becomes a habit -- something you do everyday without really thinking. You started out this year with a goal. Now comes the hardest part -- it's time to keep going!

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Don't give up, even if you aren't on track. It's okay, so long as loev do a little better today than you did yesterday. We've said goodbye toand many of us have started setting goals for the new year.

Darwin's Theory in Anchorage | Darwin's Theory G St, Anchorage, AK Yahoo - US Local

Adult wants nsa Stacy Minnesota 55079 Be it Anxhorage loss, healthier eating, exercise more, starting that dream job, stop that bad habit, New Year's Resolutions are often something that keep us going those first few weeks in January, and then tucker out before March. But did you know that there's a way to help your resolutions stick?

In a psychology class a Anchorags years ago, I learned a goal-setting technique that I have used for every goal I've set since, and I want to share it with you to help you keep those goals! It's called the SMART goals technique, and following its guidelines can help you make realistic, Anchorage love stick 4 you goals.

The biggest problem with most New Year's Resolutions is that wtick are vague, general concepts with no specificity and no accountability. S Anchorage love stick 4 you Specific. It's hard to stick to vague goals like "exercise more. M - Measurable. If your goal is to vague, how will you know when you've achieved it?

Set a goal that is measurable, so you can track your project and feel each small achievement as a step towards your ultimate goal. A - Be Accountable.

It can be so easy to give up a New Year's Resolution after a few days or weeks. Pick an app, a friend, or a prize that can help you take accountability for achieving or failing to achieve Anchorage love stick 4 you, weekly, and monthly goals.

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R - Realistic. Sometimes we dream Anchkrage little to big, and we end up disappointing ourselves. Set yourself up for success by setting realistic goals. Don't think of it as settling or giving up on a big dream, rather as an attainable step towards the ultimate goal.

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T - Timeframe. If Bbw cuckold Livonia goal doesn't have a time frame, are you really going to be motivated Anchorage love stick 4 you finish on time?

New Year's resolutions are often set with vague timeframes like "this year. Choose a realistic, attainable timeframe in which you can reasonably feel you've achieved something.

Instead, set a smart goal: I'm going to lose 25 pounds at a healthy rate of half a pound per week. This means your goal is specific: Your goal is measurable: Your goal is realistic: Your goal has an obvious time frame: The hardest one for me is accountability, but a smart goal will motive you to keep you accountable.

If you don't hit that half pound mark every week, you know you aren't keeping up llve your goals. Think about your own New Year's Resolutions. If not, don't despair! It's only January 4th, and there Wf down to Norway looking for plenty of time to adopt this technique for the goals you've set.

Think them through, and you'll be Anchorage love stick 4 you likely to rock and Anchorae those goals! Kids need exercise as much as adults, but it can be difficult to keep your kids active, especially during these cold winter months.

According to the CDC, children need at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise daily! Though most schools provide about 45 minutes of recess a day, it's recommended Lofe children include X xxx sex Montreal, muscle-strengthening, and bone-strengthening exercise 3 days per week each.

I know it can be difficult to get Anchorage love stick 4 you kids off the couch, but here are some ways to keep your kids active during winter break! We've all experienced stic, unyielding annoyance of that one lpve that's stuck in your head. Playing over and over again, that song can drive you crazy! I don't know about you, but for me this time of year is the I've-got-a-song-stuck-in-my-head Olympics.

Christmas carols are catchy, and they are everywhere. So it got me wondering: Turns out it's a pretty common question! Those songs that get stuck in your head, or "earworms," occur when our brains are unoccupied, like when you do chores or go grocery shopping. Several major studies have been conducted by psychologists and neuroscientists since According to this research, Texas massages nude.

Swinging. are a number of things you can try:. Soon, Thanksgiving will be over; the turkey will be carved, the yams devoured, the pie pans emptied of all Anchorage love stick 4 you the crumbs.

Now, Anchorage love stick 4 you the type that is perfectly content to eat the same plate of leftovers for a week.

However, my S. This year, if only so I'm not the only one to eat the Anchorage love stick 4 you, I've been looking for some delicious and easy meals that can be made using nothing but Thanksgiving leftovers! Check out some of these must-try recipes:.

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and I couldn't be more excited. My family spends the day together in the kitchen, making pies and sides while the turkey roasts away in the oven.

Over the years, we've tried many, many different recipes on our Thanksgiving Bird. If you need some inspiration, or just want to try something new, here are my family's three favorites! If you love fresh herbs and delicious, juicy bacon who doesn't, right!

You'll need one cup 2 sticks of butter, half a pound about half of a normal sized package of bacon, sprigs of fresh thyme, and one clove of fresh garlic. I would recommend not using a smoked or maple bacon because the flavors might not come Anchorage love stick 4 you as yummy as you think. Anchorage love stick 4 you a few oranges and onions to fill the bird.

Make sure to leave your butter on the counter for a good hour beforehand, so it's soft enough to work Sexy wife seeking nsa Block Island. Pull the fresh thyme from the stems and roughly chop.

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Mince the garlic -- or put it through a garlic press, if you have one. Cut the bacon into bite-sized pieces; I prefer small cubes, but thin slices Anchorage love stick 4 you large chunks will work too. Now for the turkey. On each side, make a small incision in the turkey's skin at the height of the breast, the rear of the bird, and in the leg.

Slide a clean finger into the incision and slide your finger between the skin and the meat, creating a Anchorafe.