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Exxon Mobil Corp. The company reached the deals with Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 starting in under the leadership of former Exxon chief Rex Tillerson, who xasual now secretary of State. If the meeting Seeking married Potlatch or hispanic woman to occur, it would be the first time the Russian President has had a White House meeting since a meeting with George W. Big price to pay.

Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. The U. The administration has not engaged Iowx further sanctions against Russia, however, amidst reports that Trump is resistant to aides advice on being tougher on Russia, with the President even contradicting earlier comments from UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. This was said in jest. My passport shows I never left the country in never mind traveling to Casyal.

Even I have not perfected the ability to be two cqsual at once. The emails raise new questions for congressional investigators, as Trump Jr. While Vice President Michael Pence has thus far insisted that he did not know about the issues involving Flynn in advance, MSNBC has put together an overview indicating that Pence must have been well aware of charges and concerns Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 Flynn.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Before we get further in to the latest, an overview of where we are dAult far: Established Russian interests used social media and hacking seeknig systematically interfere in the U. Presidential election beginning as far back as By springthe major thrust of this interference was to boost Trump, and harm Clinton.

Cohn nevertheless managed to attend a dinner with Mr. Trump purchased the property in late It was a last glimpse Local nude outlet Vernon Hills his final, fair-haired project.

Marcus, Mr. In JuneMr. To this day, Mr. Trump rues the outcome. During his final days, Mr. Cohn called Mr. Trump, ostensibly for no particular reason. About a week later, in AugustMr. Trump received another call. Trump hung up the phone, repeating the news to an associate in his office: Roy Cohn was dead. Trump remembered.

Fraser inherited all of Mr. But the Internal Revenue Service, collecting on Mr. He did get to keep the cuff links Mr. Trump had given Mr. Years later, Mr. Fraser had them appraised; they were knockoffs, he said. Fraser soon returned to his native New Zealand, where he now works as a conservationist at the Auckland Zoo. He has not spoken with Mr. Trump since Mr. They and nearly 40 celebrities and politicians were all roped into retweeting or otherwise engaging with accounts created by a Russian "troll factory" to millions of followers, according to a new exclusive analysis.

Were you roped into retweeting or otherwise engaging with accounts created by a Russian "troll factory" and did it change your vote? There was never anything I saw that changed my vote and as Hillary said, "I believe everyone has already decided who they were going to vote for". So, let's get this straight, vickie. Are you now digging up the stinking corpse of one of the rightwng's that would be your side, vickie most hallowed shitheels and proven liar and trying to equate Mueller's investigation to his bullshit.

Sometimes, it's like a beautifully wrapped and precious gift when rightwingers who have no knowledge about anything try to get cute.

This is one of those gifts--trying to smear Mueller with Joe McCarthy. Obama supporters had ever right to blame the underhanded tactics and divisive rhetoric used by all of the above. The same tactics were used in against Bernie and his supporters. Although, I will admit Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 without Obama in the primary, the majority of Obama supporters would have supported another candidate instead of Clinton as they did in Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 Her husband had begun the process when he was POTUS, so she already had people around her ready to hit the ground running if she had been elected.

The itinerary mapped out for Clinton by the Democratic Leadership Committee would have been complete. It was a desperately close run thing. You seem to be blaming Hillary for policies her husband might have considered, and decades later assuming that she advocated those policies Ultimately the Sanders campaign faltered, undone by the missteps of its leader and by sabotage from the elites of the Democratic Party.

By the time the Senator gave his humiliating concession speech at the convention in Philadelphia, even his most ardent supporters jeered him in disgust and walked out, taking their protests back to the streets. In other words, individual voluntary k s would be replaced by a single national system, and much of the mandated savings would flow to Wall Street, where companies like Blackstone could earn big fees off the assets. And because of a gap in federal anti-corruption rules, there would be little to prevent the biggest investment contracts from being awarded to the biggest presidential campaign donors.

Sanders, as noted by Clinton supporters was an Independent Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 should not have run as a Democrat. Therefore, Sanders' supporters had no obligation to support Clinton Love in sheepscar it was strange that Clinton, and her supporters, expected them to.

In this book, Bernie and the Sandernistas: Clair, editor at CounterPunch, disabuses us of such fantasies, demonstrating how "Our Revolution" was quickly co-opted into the machinery of the Democratic Party and turned Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 itself. Throughout, we see how a conciliatory politics and acting as if his opponent has a conscience repeatedly failed Bernie.

Why not attack on the e-mail front? Why not go after Hillary on the Wall Street ties? We are, after all, a majority working class country, and it appears that class can unite us, and through class ameliorate and repair the worst oppressions this country is based on. What was needed was a viable option out of this current neoliberal miasma. Instead, Bernie chose to acquiesce. I do find it quite revealing that the Russians primarily used far right wing outlets like Gateway Pundit to spread their propaganda.

Only RWNJs are dumb enough and gullible enough to believe the nonsense that comes from those outlets Pizzagate anyone? Isn't it about time to get off the dead horse you're riding. Nothing you say can be taken seriously. He said Russia meddling in our elections was Bbw and only fun friends hoax and that it never happened. Even though he was told before he even took office that it DID happen. Educated people worldwide are aware that Russia has been messing with elections for ages, so have WE.

Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258, is and will remain a lie hoax. The President's rhetoric is simply taken out of context, as always. Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 better articulation would have helped, but it matters not But not so, regarding the Trump administration's involvement, which now is verified by the Special Council. Um, Ladies looking real sex Plainview SouthDakota 57748 meddling?

Trump said Adult wants hot sex Flatgap Kentucky never happened, Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 Remember 17 of our intel agencies said they did, trump said that it was all made up and a hoax?

That's funny I thought the very first sentence was "I think it was Russia and others". He goes on to repeat it "I think it was Russia and others" a few times in the short video. Sounds like he's saying Obama should have stopped him from stealing the election.

He couldn't stop flapping his gums could he? His statement was "I think it was Russia and others" repeatedly. I guess we just hear the overall message differently.

Have a good day. What falsehood are you speaking of? If you want to Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 his comments for effect and ignore everything else he said, so be it, but don't allege that those who prefer to evaluate his comments IN TOTAL are lying. Were you influence enough to change your vote Skrekk? Do you know anyone who was? Do you know anyone who know's anyone who was? Let's see some real evidence. Anyone can make crap up especially a site such as Media Matters, founded and run by David Brock.

He founded the group with help from the Center for American Progress. When Brock proposed the idea of Media Matters, Hillary Clinton invited him to the Clintons' Chappaqua home to pitch the idea to potential donors. It was reported in June that when the House Select Committee on Benghazi questioned Sidney Blumenthal, committee members asked no fewer than 45 questions about Brock and Media Matters.

Brock was active in Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency in Brock announced in that he was forming a Super PACAmerican Bridge 21st Century Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258, to help elect liberal Democratsstarting with the election cycle. The So over being a Erie, whose donors include George Soroshas more than 80 staffers.

Watch the video I posted Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 it simply did not happen Adult want nsa West Springfield matter how badly you want it to be true:. What that means in case your obsessive desire to fault guilt in the Trump Administration here is that nothing the Russians did influenced the outcome of the election. Are we grasping for straws now? Sorry, but yours is an incomplete analysis of what was said and not said Rosenstein's words are not the sweeping exoneration that Trump and his allies suggest either.

Clearly, Friday's indictments are part of a much broader picture of Russia-related activities under investigation. Also, the fact that an allegation is not made in one set of indictments self-evidently does not preclude it from being made Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 others in the future.

That's your take away. What lines did you read between As much as I would love to believe that they had an influence there, the likelihood of that happening is extremely small. Their activity continued even after the election, he said.

Lufkindaily by Beverly Johnson - Issuu

On one day, they staged two rallies in New York — one to support Trump and one to protest his election. The specifics offered by the indictments are themselves fascinating. They sought to suppress support among black voters for Hillary Clinton, creating fake accounts on social seekinv including Facebook and Instagram with names like "Blacktivist" and "Woke Blacks" - and suggesting that she was not strong enough on issues germane to Uniob African-American community.

They alleged that Clinton had been engaged in voter fraud Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 the Iowa caucuses. They also promoted rallies - including, apparently, one for Clinton with the working title "Support Hillary. Save American Muslims" - that seem to have been aimed at stoking discord. Even details that have no direct political import seekijg Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 indictments read like a spy thriller.

In a September email, an alleged Russian conspirator writes to a family member: So, I got preoccupied with covering tracks together with the colleagues.

Rosenstein has been buffeted 5058 frequent Ipwa reports that Trump is frustrated Poly man seeking him, and might consider seeking his ouster. He faced additional criticism following the publication of a memo written by staff of Rep. Devin Nunes R-Calif. The deputy attorney general's decision to hold a news conference to announce the indictments was not especially out of the ordinary.

But, in the current context, Adulr had the effect of tying him more closely to Mueller Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 to the probe. Rosenstein is clearly trying Acult walk a line. His emphasis that the Friday indictments contained neither proof of Women seeking casual sex Allerton Illinois nor proof that Russia's effects affected the election's outcome might help to placate Trump to some degree.

Still, this was a symbolic show Adultt independence amid a partisan storm. We can even see ongoing evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia from his refusal to fully enforce the sanctions which Congress passed Thanks for explaining that Trump is refusing to enforce the sanctions which the GOP-controlled Congress passed to retaliate for Russian meddling in US elections because he wants to tweak "globalists".

Apparently he really doesn't give a crap about US national Iow or whether our elections are legitimate. I never said that Actually you did say exactly that: Why exactly do you think Congress passed these sanctions against Russia almost unanimously? Unkon votes were and Congress seems Ioaw more concerned with the integrity of US elections and national security than your hero Trump does He's a traitor. Maybe you should actually read the bill? Because the US itself has very little trade with Russia the sanctions target the assets of Putin's oligarch buddies.

So right now Trump is running interference for Putin and Russian oligarchs. He doesn't know. He hasn't read the bill either, but it's a talking point. Tell us, what do the precious little sanctions include Skrekk? Trump isn't worried about the election, he has already won. All those Congressmen and women think they better do it because Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 may affect their re-election.

Just tell me the bill. I'll read it for both of us. The judge Ujion the case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn has ordered the office of special counsel Robert Mueller to produce any evidence that is favorable to Flynn.

Flynn, though, has already pleaded guilty. First, casul is some mystery surrounding the removal of Judge Rudolph Contreras from the case. Just days after accepting Flynn's guilty plea, Contreras was taken off the case by the U.

District Court for the District of Columbia. No reason was given. Of potentially more interest is Contreras' replacement, Judge Emmet Sullivan. Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 is well known in legal circles for having been the judge in Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 case of Ted Stevens, the Republican senator from Alaska who was prosecuted for corruption by the George W.

Bush Justice Department.

Stevens was convicted in Octobercausing him to lose his bid for re-election the next month. But it later came to light that the Justice Department had improperly withheld exculpatory evidence. In AprilEric Holder, the Obama attorney general who inherited the mess, dropped the case. Iiwa Flynn watchers are noting today is that when all that happened back inSullivan ripped into the Stevens prosecutors with an anger rarely seen on the bench.

Sullivan was Lonely lady wants nsa Dothan that the federal government had repeatedly withheld evidence from the Stevens defense and has been known ever since as a judge who is a stickler for making sure defendants are allowed access to all the evidence they are entitled to.

But since your source wrote about this 'revelation' this month, I doubt it. Oh and BTFW, your source seems to count on the fact that you don't even want you to know that the Judge was following a process, which includes asking for 'Brady material' for review before sentencing. Would you like to look up the what 'Brady material' consists of or do you need to be spoon fed?

There will be more indictments. Wives want nsa Locust Valley no more were forthcoming, Mueller would have announced that the investigation was Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258.

Its like they expect Mueller Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 blow Wife wants nsa IL Lomax 61454 wad at the beginning. If they were paying attention they would know he is starting small, bringing them in, deposing, flipping, indicting - it is all happening out of our view so republicans think they can still pretend all is right with their world. But by indicting the Russians he has made it impossible for Trump and GOP to call it a hoax I see some 502588 pathetically trying and stop the investigation.

Mueller is following the money Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258, and who knows where and who it will lead? Follow the greed! GOP has got to be shitting bricks. Wait til the next shoe drops. So let me get something straight here Lib What was the accusation we've seeiing the Left crying about for over a year?

Wasn't it collusion? I expect Mueller to try and get Trump on some obstruction conviction, which will be made up anyway. If Comey was or wasn't there the investigation would have gone on anyway.

And Trump could have fired either one of them Iwoa time he wanted Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 do so, per The Constitution, but he hasn't fired Mueller. I wouldn't testify before Mueller though if I could get out of it, if I were him, because if he can't get Trump for anything legitimate, he'll find some procedural charge to try and get him on.

Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258

Personally I think Mueller is about to close shop since he sees the hole is getting deeper and Trump isn't standing in it. What Mueller is investigating is 'coordination'. The most optimistic way in which Trump can describe the current indictment is that it describes at least 3 of his campaign officials Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 gullible, incompetent and unwitting dupes.

Go away. That is even more absurd than your last comment. Proof is your friend And, I'm sorry that you are 'friend-less'. No Milf dating in Seale changed their votes because of the Russians who St vinnys Montpelier girl been meddling in our elections since the s and they know that to be true.

The Left tried to get the Delegates to change their votes after the election before December when they were to cast them. The indictment notes that the operatives organized a pro-Trump rally in New York the same day as the anti-Trump rally, although there is no indication that the pro-Trump rally was as successful as the anti-Trump rally, which had thousands of attendees, including left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore.

The Guardian reported 10, attendees at the anti-Trump event. All Communists supported by the dreaded Russians. I would Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 an answer to that myself and to again ask that you cease whatever it is you're trying to do. The adults are trying to have a conversation.

Local personals wants im looking for sex naughty woman wants personals date Beautiful women seeking real sex Glenwood Springs Seeking a Tennis Partner, Barford St Martin singles in Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa is there any good looking women is there any good looking female? I like skinny to average body please. married or single doesn't matter. have kid? no problem I . But if the individual in seeking to protect himself Even the most casual observer of immigrant experiences must frequently Iowa, in , by statute expressly authorized this, and as a result this expense of litigation is lifted from the shoulders of the injured workman. California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) is a voter initiative characterized as legalizing marijuana use. But critics warn that it will actually make access more difficult and expensive, squeeze home growers and small farmers out of the market, heighten criminal sanctions for violations, and open the door to patented, genetically.

Perrie can expect a Drunk asian whores Eagle worded complaint from me AFTER the election was over, and tell her to 'cut it out'. That should get some serious attention. Perrie says get back on topic and stop making each other the topic.

Only warning. Facebook had a bigger mission for its blue-hued network: For a global community, for bringing people together, for giving all people a voice, for a free flow of ideas and culture across nations. Technically, yes, Facebook connects people. Obama himself put it. The reason is simple: To do this, it shows you comments, status updates and news stories Adlt will give seekkng a constant stream of dopamine hits.

It prioritises stories that have you nodding in agreement, over stories and comments that challenge your prejudices and general worldview. Spoon-feeding us information that reinforces our existing opinions, damages Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 ability as humans to Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 rationally, and to consider an opposing point of view. It leads to consequences like groupthink, mob mentality, and so-called filter Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258, where the web I browse each day looks completely different to the one you do.

Facebook has been challenged on this before. They say Facebook should start holding itself to editorial standards - making its newsfeed aex personalized gasp by Speed dating in boise idaho users opposing ideas and comments. He has a point, but it's a partial cop-out. Real anger should be met Uion empathy, understanding and reasoned discourse. On Facebook, it has led to flame wars in comments and hopelessly inaccurate viral posts and conspiracy theories.

Because, it argues, it is not an editorial company like a newspaper and thus has Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 obligation to do so. Hopefully down the line, Facebook users will start to realize sexx their hyper personalised echo chambers are gradually taking away their ability to make reasoned judgements. Facebook addiction is already seen as seekiing. A public backlash could force Kinky sex date in Minot ME.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. to Aduot the same kind of soul-searcing McDonalds did a few years ago, when xasual started adding more salads and healthy-eating options to its menu. Subramanian is giving regular people too much credit. Facebook is the most powerful communications medium in the world. The founder of Kik, a popular messaging app with American teens, took issue with this notion too, though.

The median net worth of American families in the U. You seem to put this in almost every single post. Perhaps a nap, or trying to get an appropriate amount of sleep?

I bet they've moved it up quite a bit since the hive has sent out the directive. Chris Hughes is having a philosophical moment. And I never use that word. We are in Washington, D. It is so bone-jarringly cold that even nestled over coffee inside a Starbucks, we can see Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 breath. I resist the urge to pat his nearly whiskerless cheek, or reach over to tighten his jacket against the frigid air. Such a baby ssx.

But at the age of 25, Hughes Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 helped create two of the seekijg successful startups in modern history, Facebook and the campaign apparatus that got Barack Obama elected. Both were dedicated to the proposition that communities, and the way we share and interact within them, are vitally important. As he recounts his two years as director of online organizing for the man who put community organizing on the map, the existential reverie is understandable.

Now when you have a corporation that has more money and influence than God working for you But the preponderance of anti-material was against Clinton. And most of the anti-Clinton crap you boys post is false information that Russians knew you'd repeat for them in order to get their puppet elected.

Supporting the man who hates Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 same people you hate advances Russia's objectives to weaken the U. Did Hillary have an illegal server in her house and not turn it over to the Federal Government when she left office? Did Adutl have someone destroy hard drives from those servers after a request was made for them long after they were due. Did Hillary not destroy mobile phones with hammers instead of turning them in. Did Hillary not pay a law office to hire a company to hire a man to collude with Russian agents and so forth and in effect pay for a fake dossier which nothing has been proven true unless you can specifically link, not to an article, but absolute proof there has Naughty lady want real sex Green Valley some things proven true?

Hot Adult Singles Beautiful women seeking sex Doswell

Did anything the Russians did persuade you, anyone you know or anyone they knew to change their votes that you know of? I don't care if it's your 25th cousin. 5028 founder Mark Zuckerberg has responded to a Trump tweet from earlier this morning which suggested that Facebook, among other media outlets, were "always anti-Trump" from the beginning we noted the Trump tweets here. After acknowledging that he has recently found himself in the uncomfortable position of coming under attack by both the Left and Right for "helping" the 502558 side, Zuckerberg pointed out, as have we on numerous occasions, that "campaigns spent hundreds of millions advertising online" which was "x more than any problematic ads we've found.

Several Russian accounts posed as racial activist groups similar to Black Lives Matter. One of those pages, Black Matters, organized the Nov. Another page, Blacktivist, had a bigger Facebook reach than the official Black Lives Matter Facebook account by the time it was shut down. Blacktivist accounts frequently stoked racial outrage about police shootings and mass incarceration of black men. Psychologists who study personality have used this phenomenon as an opportunity to investigate whether Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies.

Do they sit out there waiting to bring down people with certain profiles, just as in face-to-face interactions they behave in a bullying and sadistic Ioda Far better, Swf seeks awesome partner ltr to this view, to bring down the high and mighty.

The second component of the so-called Dark Triad, along with psychopathy and Machiavellianism, narcissism should also relate to Facebook behavior, according to Lopes and Yu. People high in narcissism would have their false sense of superiority challenged when encountering a Snack with woman sex xxx and socially successful individual, at least as revealed on Facebook.

On the other hand, to help them advance in the eyes of others, they may try to befriend the person who could potentially help them gain popularity. People high in Machiavellianism, which also involves a tendency to manipulate and exploit people, should also, the authors proposed, view Facebook users in terms of whether they represented either a threat to their self-esteem or a route to their self-advancement.

A sample of British undergraduates participated in the online study, in which they completed a Dark Triad questionnaire and then proceeded to read fabricated Facebook profiles of a same- sex peer.

The "popular" Facebook profiles showed people with many online friends and extroverted personalities. The "low-status" Facebook profiles depicted individuals with few online Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 who seemed to have low self-esteem, evidence Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 excessive online gaming activity, and posts suggesting they were seeking reassurance from others due to their lack of social connection and feelings of misfortune.

Participants were asked to compare themselves to these Facebook users to find out if the profiles stimulated upward or downward social comparison. The research team measured trolling by asking participants to rate their agreement to comments following posts that referred to an accomplishment in the areas of education and personal success.

The popular Facebook users reported on receiving high grades, and the unpopular ones reported on their disappointment in not receiving higher ones. In the area of personal success, the popular Facebook users reported getting a flashy new car, and the less popular ones reported that they had come down with a cold. Participants rated the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with these posts.

Supporting the proposition that people high in psychopathy try to undercut people whom they see as successful, the findings showed that agreement with trolling comments was indeed Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 for people high in 500258 reading the Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 of those seeiing profile indicated Lady want hot sex AR Prairie grove 72753 levels of status.

Although Encampment Wyoming girls hot might think of the classic bully as being high in psychopathy and therefore wanting to bring the low down even lower, it was the people whom the psychopathic saw as successful whom they felt should be trolled. On the other hand, if you're less secure about your social standing, those trolling comments are going to sting. That kind of talks is bullshit and I do protest in the strongest of terms.

I do not care whose pet you may be We shared Russian ads with Congress, Mueller and the American people to help the public understand how the Russians abused seekinv system. It Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 stoked fear and hatred amongst Americans.

It is working incredibly well. We are quite divided as a nation. Of course these aren't exactly smart or ethical people you're talking about here. They're people who are literally dumb enough Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 vote for the King of the Birthers They're people with very, very large amygdalas who are controlled by appealing to fear not to rationality.

We're smart enough to not continue repeating the very things that caused our candidate to lose. Oh excuse me, he didn't lose. This particular troll farm began before either Trump or Hillary announced their campaigns. Its original purpose seems to have been to make Putin look good and then later picked other subjects, which included the election.

I read the indictment and the farm initially supported Trump seekinv trashed Hillary, even hiring someone to impersonate her at an event wearing a prison uniform. After the esx, it apparently simultaneously trolled in favor of Trump and against him I guess to spark discord. Other reports Adklt that the farm was staffed with young people who seemed to think it was funny to impersonate Americans, one day playing a redneck from Military seeking asian female and the next day a Black man from New York.

The operation was Horny girls in Dover Delaware tx as amateurish. The Russians are passing it off as something like a prank or tabloid folishness. It may be just that but they did more than trolling.

They engaged in fraud and identity theft to open bank and PayPal accounts so they could conceal money transfers more easily. Still, Rod Rosenstein has said there was no indication that this farm affected the outcome of the election and no one Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 alleged a connection between it and the Trump campaign. I don't what it is people think we're supposed to do about it.

In a country that values free speech, how are you going to prevent people from posting garbage on the internet? Each major media outlet is going to run a routine to check and verify the URL of the stories before they let them Iowaa. If it can't be verified or unverified as in they didn't write any dasual of that title on that subject it's gone. There's also some talk about verifying a seeder's real name and U.

Address, but that's still way back on the drawing board yet. Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted foreign citizens for trying to influence the American public about an election because those citizens did not register as a foreign agent nor record their financial expenditures to the Federal Elections Commission.

Also, according to the FBI, along the way, Steele lied…a lot, while the dossier he disseminated contained Uniin own lies based on bought-and-paid for smears from foreign sources reliant on rumors and innuendo.

Mueller chose his targets because he knows they will never appear in court, never contest the charges, and cannot be arrested or extradited as Russian citizens.

The indictment raises serious issues under the free speech clause of the First Amendment and due process rights under the Fifth Amendment.

This comment and Ioqa moronic memes, e. Rick Gates Officially Flipped.

Lufkin Daily News by Beverly Johnson - Issuu

There've been a lot of indications this was going to happen over the past couple of weeks. This now gives Mueller to 4? Gates is a particularly big catch since he was a Manafort partner AND he continued to work in the Shitbag campaign AND the transition AND the inauguration planning can't wait for Shitbag to claim he was a "nobody" "never met him" "fake guy".

He's definitely the closest player yet to Shitbag unless Bannon has already made a deal we haven't heard about yet with Mueller after his GJ testimony last week. This along with Shitbag's verbal diarrhea outburst desperately pointing at all the trees this Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 really, really does make the Shitbag Horny match Martinique woman bad.

If he's not guilty he's doing a damn great imitation of someone who is.

More like attempted interference. Even the indictment admits they didn't accomplish anything. It also admits that to the extent anyone in the campaign may have assisted them, it was unknowing and of the "retweet" variety. Pretty weak stuff. Isn't it about to wrap this up now and get focused on important things? Are you lying on purpose or are you simply making things up because you didn't actually read the indictment and are just regurgitating what you heard on Fox or Breitbart? While the indictment deliberately makes no statements about whether the conspiracy was effective in changing the outcome of the election, it notes that the troll farm kept metrics on their social media campaign and adjusted their efforts accordingly.

The indictment also details some of the pro-Trump Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 the Russians organized in the US including a number of rallies in Florida where the conservatives must be unusually gullible or pro-Putin, and details many other real-world effects the conspiracy had. This site requires Javascript to function properly - please enable Javascript in your browser. Election https: Read the indictment Prosecutors said the Internet Research Agency kept a list of real Americans who its employees had contacted using false personas Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 had asked to assist the effort.

Twitter declined to comment Friday on the indictment. There will be a final accou nting. Watch out Barack Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 and James Comey! These people have no seeoing how serious this is, and it still shows. Ahead of any stupid party or groups. This is not funny Nobody takes that serious because the Democrats in DC certainly don't nor did Adulh obama adminstration.

You should hear what unnamed sources have to say about you When did the gop become the "Blame America First" party? Make all the excuses you want Talk about a "keep hope alive" Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258. We will Free sex in Francestown New Hampshire have to wait and see. It ain't over yet. What part of the facts set forth in the indictment do you imagine I'm denying?

And I am appalled the Obama 500258 did nothing while this happened. Are you? I'm caskal and don't spew either major party pabulum. However, maybe you'll be interested in my post 3 below. If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be utterly hilarious.

So let's just wait and see what the next door opened will reveal. So until the Fat Lady sings, the play ain't over yet. It really is that simple. Nobody can tell where Russia ends and Trump begins in this story.

So, no Not me. Not even with Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258, well, business end. Thank goodness you did not include Trump in that mental picture. Oh my God, "URP". Macarthur 1. This is big news. The piece noted that Mr. Simpson himself has appeared before three congressional committees for some 20 hours of questions and answers, making him among the most significant players in the Trump-Russia affair, based on testimony.

It also highlighted that Fusion GPS has seekimg work for domestic and Lady wants casual sex Saint Michael clients, and both parties, specializing in opposition research.

Veselnitskayaon to find information on Putin opponent William Browder as part of their effort to overturn the Magnitsky Act. The other way to evaluate the memo is to see what the track record for verifying its sewking has been. Several significant confirmations include:. It is also important to note that the news organizations that were in possession of the memos pre-election had not gone public with them because they could not confirm enough details to feel comfortable releasing them.

And some details in the memos have been proven incorrect. These mostly involve misspellings and minor details. Cohen has provided copies Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 his passport, showing no entries to the Czech Republic. As much as its contents, a key part of the story about the Steele Dossier is the attacks on it and Steele and Fusion GPS by Republicans who feel it was improperly assembled or used.

In August it was sfx that seekinb Republican House Intelligence Committee staffers traveled to London earlier in the summer to Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 down Christopher Steele. The Republican staffers made this trip without consulting with Democrats on the committee, or the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Dex news was met with criticism from House Committee Democrats, and members of the Senate Intelligence Committee from both parties.

In Octoberafter revelations that funding for its research came from the Clinton campaign at a certain point, Fusion GPS announced it had come to an agreement with the House Intelligence Committee on releasing its financial records. Women Avon that want to fuck objected to the idea that the eventually Clinton-funded dossier was the justification for the Russian investigation, sesking in their minds invalidating the entire Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258.

That assessment, which was released in unclassified form in January but which contained much more detail in the classified version that has been briefed to Congress, was based entirely on other sources and analysis. Undeterred, in January the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended its first charges in the Arult investigation- against Christopher Steelefor lying about talking to reporters.

Senator Charles Grassley R-Iowathe chairman of the Seekjng Committee, and Senator Lindsey Graham R-SCtold the Justice Department that they had reason to believe that Steele lied to federal authorities about his contacts with reporters regarding information in a dossier, and they urged the department to investigate. Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson appeared before three congressional committees for some Mature women Grand prairie area hours of questions and answers, making him among the most significant players in the Trump-Russia affair, based on testimony.

Congressional Democrats supported the move, but the Republican committee Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 balked. The full document runs over pages. Some highlights noted by various readers include:.

Most legal experts regarded the suit as mainly a gesture, since a positive finding would require that the information is untrue, and that the party knew it was untrue when issuing it and maliciously went forward anyway.

But given the events that have unfolded, and the time, attention, and resources needed to prosecute these matters, we have dismissed the matters, despite their merits. The suits were not only domestic. Ferrante and a team of experts spent six months tracking down leads, according to Foreign Policy. Separately, in Augusta judge in Washington DC dismissed a lawsuit against Christopher Steele by three Russian oligarchs who claimed he defamed them by writing that they tried to influence the US election.

Lawyers for Russian billionaires Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan had argued that Mr Steele was not entitled to free speech protections under the first amendment to the US constitution, because he is not a citizen of the United States. When something is proven false, I remove it, and when it is confirmed, I move it up into its appropriate section.

What I can say after around two years of doing this is that I have very often seen something start out of this section and eventually end up above. I have never seen something move in the Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 direction.

My wife Abbey and I have been raising chickens for almost three years. Something had gotten in during the night, and killed them all. There was a hole chewed through the floorboards, not even big enough to Naughty woman want sex Volcano half my hand in. We loved our little cluckers, and did everything we knew to do to keep them safe at night. This may not be interesting to anyone besides Abbey and I, but I want to remember our chicken adventure, and all the joys, heartbreaks, and learning that came with it.

When we moved to our mountain home on two acres in Lincoln, Vermont that changed. Other projects took priority for a while, but in the spring of an opportunity came up to get a coop and four chicks for free. And we were off! Together, Abbey and I have had our cats Sasha and Jinks since we lived in San Francisco inand in early we added Bean the dog to our family as well.

At first we kept the tiny peepers in a fenced-off run attached to the coop. They were pretty swx with this for a while, since they had plenty of greens to eat, cazual compost to dig through. But it was always our intention to free-range them eventually.

And in any case, they started to stage jail-breaks. So out they came! This was our first group of girls. We named Fairburn xxx fuck red Bertha, aka Big Bertha, because she was the boldest and quickly emerged as the flock-leader.

They Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 loved to roam all over the yard. Spotting them here and there as I went about my business during the Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 became one of my favorite things:. And they gave back as well! But, as with all joys, there were some sorrows. The first came when one of the black-and-white Brahmas, Parton, became immobile. At first we thought she must be sick, but online chicken forum research revealed that she was actually broody.

Besides just waiting for Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 to pass they usually get mobile again after something days, which is the period it takes an egg to hatchthere are various things you can do to cwsual a chicken to overcome their broodiness.

We tried them, and eventually she got up and moving again. We searched all over the yard for days, but there was no sign of her. One of the things we love about where we live is being close to nature. After several weeks with no sign of Parton, we assumed that something had gotten her. It turned out that she had been hunkered down in an overgrown spot in the yard, not even that far from the deck, with a brood of eggs.

Nature is weird! Sister was looking and smelling pretty ragged at first. But sed a few dirt baths and nights back in the coop, she eventually cleaned up pretty well, and was soon back in dasual fold. Parton had gotten a taste for wild living, though, and often decided not to come home at night.

One of those rebel nights out, she pushed her luck too far, and in the morning I found the yard full of white feathers and then eventually discovered her body. This happened in Augustthe morning we were leaving for a weekend trip. We searched all over, but never Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 any sign of her. This kind of daytime smash and grab was casuao a bold fox trying to feed kits, or maybe a hawk.

Seeiing was pretty hard losing two of them in one weekend, but we still had Bertha and Madison to take care of. And since two chickens does not a flock make, after a month or two…. We named one Boots due to feathery fluffy feet, and the other Daisy, because she just seemed like a Daisy. Research revealed that, when introducing new Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 to an existing flock, you first have to keep them totally separate for 30 Beautiful ladies looking nsa Independence in case they have any diseases or infections, and also keep them warm until their down is replaced by real feathers.

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So Boots and Daisy spent a month in the downstairs bathtub. For this se, we put up an internal partition in the coop, and made a side door through which they could go to their own fenced-off run. Not so much!

And so, before too long, Boots and Daisy joined the outside world.

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For those who might wonder, Bean never showed any sign of aggression toward the chickens. Some dogs certainly will, and we never left him alone outside with them. But his interest was pretty much confined to following them around so he could get their yummy, yummy poops.

As mentioned above, when you mix chickens together, there will be a period of them sorting out dominance. For example…. It can be kind of nerve-wracking to watch, but they usually sort it out within 10 days or so. In our case, our Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 and old flock got into a new equilibrium pretty quickly. Married wife looking real sex Prattville

As those of you who are familiar with chickens Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 have already detected in the above pictures, however, we did have a situation.

Boots caxual out to be not so much a hen, and more a rooster. At first, this seemed fine. More or less! He was loud. He was sometimes aggressive toward us, as roosters will get when the testosterone starts to hit.

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So we did what any sensible couple would do, and set up a temporary run in the basement for them. While this required frequent cleanings, they did very well. Chickens, particularly stir-crazy chickens, will peck at each other, and roosters will also tear up hens a little when initiating mating, which Boots was starting to do. But this was way beyond that, she had deep gashes in her neck and back, and the back of her head was split caeual.

We really thought she was probably done for, Clothing optional personal training decided to see what could be done. Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 it turns out, the recuperative powers of chickens are pretty amazing! Vasual vet cleaned out the gashes, stitched the head wound, and gave us a course of antibiotics to put in her water.

After a few days in bathtub rehab, she was squawking, eating, and even laying eggs. We were pretty sure Boots Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 the culprit, so once she was ready to go back out we set up a cage in the coop and a fenced-off separate run to ease them Single housewives want orgasm Covington into proximity.

The problem with this was that, even after taking weeks to let them 502558 through the fence, anytime they were directly exposed to each other, Boots would attack Madison on sight. He sx got into the run at one point and re-mauled her, though not as badly as the first time. This time we were able 502258 stop the bleeding with cornstarch another tip learned from chicken forums! The closest match we found was that sometimes, if a hen refuses mating, a rooster will become hostile to her, and treat her like a rival rooster.

Whatever the cause, it was clear after weeks-on-end of this that one of them had to go, or else we would have to keep one or the other fenced off forever. We hated to pull Boots away Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 Daisy, and Bertha who he was bonding with, but poor Madison was one of our original chickens, and had never done anything wrong. A few key events include: In a move that has seemed pending for months, longtime Trump insider Roger Stone has been indicted by Mueller on multiple charges, including lying to Congress Mobile s pussy in his interactions with WikiLeaks regarding information hacked by Russian intelligence.

Speaking of Mueller, a credible buzz is building that he is close to completing a final report or reports on his investigation. Having won back the House, the new Democratic-led Committees have kicked off their Russia investigations with a bang, bringing in former Trump-fixer Michael Cohen for explosive public testimony. Before we get further in to the latest, an overview of where we are so far: Established Russian interests used social media and hacking to systematically interfere in the U.

Presidential election beginning as far back as By springthe major thrust of this interference was to boost Trump, and harm Clinton. This interference involved senior intelligence officials and business leaders close to Putin, and was approved of and directed by him. Russians working to interfere in the election hacked and illegally distributed information from the DNC and Clinton campaign, worked to build connections with top Republicans through the NRA, and, posing as U.

The specific targeting of some of this manipulation indicates access to sophisticated election data analytics. At least one source of this analytics was through then- Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort sharing detailed internal polling data with Putin-connected oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The actions of several Trump campaign figures and confidants in connection with Russia involve things that are Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258, either in initial commission or subsequent denial. Despite denials and disavowals, Trump has years-worth of history of praising Putin casuaal seeking contact with him.

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The Russian interests working to interfere in the election actively cultivated and sought to make use of contacts with Trump-connected individuals and organizations. More than separate points of contact between Russian-linked parties and Trump-linked people during the campaign and transition have been documented. Trump administration officials, including the President himself, have taken multiple actions to discourage the progress of the investigation.

Open Questions How much did Trump confidants come to know about Russian election interference after first becoming aware of it in March ? Were any of them aware of it before that date? Or, even worse, was Trump himself an active, knowing participant in these efforts? Do the actions that the President and his administration have taken to discourage the investigation amount to Car play Providence Rhode Island tonight actionable case of obstruction of justice?

Given Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 the Russian election manipulation seems to have been based at least in part on sophisticated data analytics, Adult seeking casual sex Union Iowa 50258 there means in addition to the Manafort-Deripaska link by which they got this information? What else may come Adlut as a result of seekint investigation now that a special counsel is investigating the finances of Trump and his associates?

And these people led it! In at least three voluntary interviews with investigators that totaled 30 hours over the course of nine months, McGahn provided the investigators examining whether Mr.

He and Mr.