Back-To-School 90s Edition

I mean, if you didn't own a pair of pedal-pushers, were you even a 90's kid?

It's clear from the picture above that I was a superior type of cool (just look at that leather jacket) but this picture got me thinking about the type of back-to-school things I was forcing my parents to buy me at this time of year and I thought it would be hilarious to share my must have list. 

1 | GEL PENS. But more specifically, scented glitter gel pens. My favourite was blueberry. 

2 | St Ives Apricot Scrub. Goodbye blackheads, hello super shiny face. 

3 | Casio Baby G Watch (because you need to look cool whilst telling time). 

4 | Charlie Red - the body spray of our generation. 

5 | The chunkiest shoe you could find. I desperately wanted a pair of platforms but my mum was completely unreasonable and made me wear Kickers. 

6 | Hair Gel. Can you remember that big tub of green hair gel? It was an integral part of creating my look which was essentially slicked back hair with a sassy ponytail and two pieces hanging down at the front. 

7 | Pencil Toppers. All of the cool kids had the 'clueless-esque' pink fluffy toppers but I had a rainbow haired troll topper and it was the shit. 

8 | Jacqueline Wilson's latest book. My all time fave was The Lottie Project. 

9 | A Nokia 3210 or 3310 if you were a bit edgier. Not an essential back-to-school item admittedly but how else would you beat your mates snake score? 

10 | Absolutely everything you could persuade your parents to buy from Claire's Accessories. I gravitated towards mood rings and butterfly clips. Again, all the essentials. 

What was your back-to-school essential? 

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