Surfing Perranporth, Cornwall

My family and I visited Cornwall back in July as we required a much needed getaway and to do some exploring with our four legged friends. We rented a dog friendly cottage in Lizard Point and basically spent each day exploring a different part of Cornwall, drinking copious amounts of pink champs and eating our body weight in ice-cream. 

This, right here, is the cottage of dreams. 

We had originally planned to surf Fistral Beach in Newquay but after visiting, we really weren't too impressed. It's prestigious for a reason and the waves were sick but we wanted something a little more chilled and secluded. Plus, there was a surf competition going on and I prefer to make a tit out of myself in private and not in front of professionals. 

We stumbled upon Perranporth entirely by mistake. We were leaving Newquay, fairly underwhelmed, when we spotted it on our map and thought lets check that shit out. Perranporth is a really small seaside town on the north coast of Cornwall with one of the best Atlantic swells that I've seen, although they did start dumping in the afternoon which tested my strength and patience. It's popular with surfers because of this but we found it to be small enough to get the personal experience we wanted.

We paid £55 each for a full day with Ticket To Ride which included our wet suits, boards and a little one to one tuition with an experienced surf instructor. I'd only recommend doing a full day if you are fully prepared to sleep for the next 36 hours. All in all, it was an awesome day.  

Just a couple of nerds, having fun.

Have you surfed in Cornwall?

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