I'm A Feminist, But...

Damn I feel tired. Not only is it Monday, but I'm also harbouring a two day hangover, all down to the fact that I drink like I'm still 19. Just to clarify, I'm not... I'm a 27 year old woman that doesn't know her limits. "Want another beer bong Abby?" - "Um, DUH". 

Who loves my tee? I bought this furry little number from Mango via ASOS (link) and it's seriously everything. Wearing it brought me a lot of attention, mostly unwanted, but it got me thinking about the so called 'bad feminists' and in particular, confessions of a guilty feminist.

If you've ever listened to The Guilty Feminist, an incredibly funny and relevant podcast hosted by Deborah Frances-White, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, it's basically a series of confessions by feminists admitting to anti-feminist thoughts/actions. Obviously, this is intended to be light hearted and so please take it that way. In the words of Usher, these are my confessions. 

1. I'm a Feminist, but I pretend I physically can't empty or lift the rubbish bin because I just want my boyfriend to deal with it. It smells. 

2. I'm a Feminist, but my favourite thing to do on The Sims is break up the richest couple and steal the Husband and his money.

3. I'm a Feminist, but while watching Emma Watson's UN speech on gender equality, all I could think about was how nice her eyebrows are and how my eyebrows are shit.

4. I'm a Feminist, but I'd sell myself and my soul to Tom Hardy, for free.

5. I'm a Feminist, but sometimes I use my period as an excuse for being emotionally unstable and completely irrational, even if I'm not on my period.

Please share your guilty feminist confessions in the comments to make me feel like a better person.

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