But look at the cool food related quotes? Pizza for President 100%.

SIDEBAR (before I've even started), Perfetto is an aesthetically cool Italian restaurant in Budapest which I visited back in May with the gals. The food was incredible. The service on the other hand - dog shit. Seriously, if you've got all night, then go for it because the Pizza is great but if you want to leave before 11:00pm, then don't even bother.

Back to me and my third world problems. Look at me trying to shift the spotlight.

I am so annoyed with myself. I bought my own domain and had my blog re-designed at the start of the year to inspire me to take my writing more seriously. It's not like I haven't had content; I've been to Budapest, Glastonbury and Cornwall within the space of a few months and I still haven't bothered to write about it. In the real world, I have a particularity high pressured job which admittedly hasn't helped the situation but I always found time before. Maybe I've fallen out of love with blogging?

Today I'm at a crossroads. Should I bid farewell to Eärendilly or should I find some inspiration and make this work? I really want this to work. The problem I have is that I think my content is getting lost within a saturated market and it can be incredibly frustrating when you don't feel like you're succeeding or making a mark. Blogging is full of cliches and I'm 100% not about that life. Similarly, I don't have time to interact with 28349823 other blogs or twitter accounts to ensure I keep and gain a solid following. Like, what do I do?

If you've stuck around (after 6 months of not posting - I owe you a drink) then I'd really appreciate your thoughts. Should I change my content? Do I just need to be more consistent? Should I just piss off?

I. Do. Not. Know. Anymore. Send. Help. Thanks. Bye. 

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