10 From Instagram

Were you drawn in by my creative post title? Incredible literary stuff I know. 

Personally, Instagram is my favourtie social media tool. I'm far too lazy to keep up with Twitter trends and I only use Facebook to watch videos of puppies. Scrolling through a bunch of pretty pictures requires minimal effort and it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye... well, sometimes. I thought I would share ten of my latest posts and then if you want to follow me, that would be cool, or if not, that's cool too. You can find me at @abvsmith

For those that are wondering, the above picture was taken at Hurricane Festival in 2012 with none other than Band of Skulls. Kurt spotted them strolling through the festival and proceeded to chase them for a photograph. They were lovely and happily obliged. Emma Richardson is the raddest woman alive. 

Ham, Egg and Chips is everything. 

 Standard Valentines Day Picture

 Sunday's done right. 

 My best friend's baby shower. 

 The view after my Sunday Swim - in a swimming pool, obviously. 

 When you've been to the gym at 7am and must document it. 

 The 99p Face Mask you can't live without - link. 

Another Sunday, Another Meal. 

When your nose takes over your forehead.

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