The Return of Womanhood Wednesday

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was looking for a new series for the blog and a few people said they would prefer Womanhood Wednesday to make a come back, which I was totally thrilled about because I genuinely loved creating this series. If you're interested in where it all started, read my original post, but in a nutshell, I wanted to create a weekly space to discuss womanly issues, interesting articles, books, music and more, in an effort to celebrate our womanhood.

My plan is for this to become an open place where we can all share and input into the weekly content of Womanhood Wednesday. If you have any ideas or contributions for next week's instalment then drop me an email or comment below with your thoughts and I can include you and your idea in next weeks post!

Women of the Hour has been discussed previously on Womanhood Wednesday but season two has now begun with 10 brand new episodes and it's better than ever. If you haven't heard of Women of the Hour, it's a fabulous podcast (it's free!) hosted by the even more fabulous, Lena Dunham. The podcast discusses everything from feminism, love, work, our bodies and more. If you like Lena and brutally honest feminism, then step right up! 

Something a little closer to my heart - women who skate and in particular, longboard. These rad women and girls have been taking over Instagram via the Longboard Girls Crew account. Founder, Valeria Kechichian felt tired of being made to feel like she couldn't keep up with her male counterparts and in 2010 created a viral video skating through Madrid with women from all over Spain. Women gathering together and longboarding was definitely something new and since the account started it has grown from strength to strength. Even if you don't like the sport, watching these women is incredibly inspiring, please check them out and show them some love.

my precious

Something humorous for the road? 18 Catcalling Jokes That'll Make Women Laugh Then Smash Something - read it here. I hope you've all enjoyed the first 'short and sweet' instalment and I'll see you next Wednesday for more awesome women stuff. So eloquent, I know.

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