The 99p Face Mask That Will Change Your Life

I promise this is not click-bait. 

Lets start by saying that I've tried my fair share of clay masks. Charcoal masks work especially well with my oily skin and anything that promises to draw out dirt and leave you with radiant skin is going straight in my basket. Before I stumbled upon this little diamond, I was a loyal user of the Origins Clear Improvement. I'd still recommend it, it's a great mask, but it's £24.00 and that's £23.01 more than my new favourite.

I found Beauty Formulas Charcoal Clay Mask while standing in line at my local BodyCare; I noticed the lady in front of me pick it up and she had lovely skin, so by my brains calculations, that meant I had to buy it. Being honest, I wrote it off before even trying it. What was a 99p mask really going to do? I settled in for my nightly bubble bath and threw caution to the wind by lathering it all over my face. There was no unpleasant smell or burning (I'm looking at you Boots with your bloody awful sheet masks!) and the squeezy tube made for a mess free application. 

Immediately after, there was little difference - my pores looked smaller but nothing ground breaking was happening. I wasn't too disappointed, I'd already assumed that it would have little to no effect but I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. The following morning, I woke up and my skin looked amazing. It was radiant, my pores were practically invisible and even some blemishes had started to fade! Was it the face mask? Being the cynic that I am, I tested it again the following evening and once again, awoke feeling like a fucking disco ball. This mask is NINETY NINE PENCE guys. What fresh hell. You can't even buy a bottle of diet coke for 99p. 

If you don't have a local BodyCare, you can also pick this mask up from Amazon here for the same price (since increased!). I seem to remember there being a detox cleanser and facial scrub within the range which I'll definitely be picking up. Now run, run like the wind and throw this on your face immediately.

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