Road Trip Games That'll Make Your Journey Awesome

It's not even spring yet and I'm already thinking about summer road trips, is anyone else with me? We are hoping to take the van to Wales in the next couple of months to stay at some camp sites and explore the national parks, particularly Brecon Beacons, recommendations are welcome! Although most of our road trips are entertained with playlists and podcasts; on occasion it's nice to kick things back old school and crack out the road trip games. Who else lived for this shit when they were younger? Damn.
Here are five of my favourite road trip games.
The ultimate warring sibling game. The rules are simple - whenever you pass by a shack or rundown house or outbuilding, you shout out, 'that's where you were born' and then laugh hysterically. You then compete with each other to find the worst place to be born at. FAMILY FUN for all.
This is a UK classic. If a player sees a yellow car they are entitled to punch another player of their choosing, not in the face and not hard (do not play this with your older siblings or the driver) whilst shouting 'yellow car'. The game is always on unless agreed by all players. I think this is called Score in the US?
Probably not one to play with your parents. The rules are extremely simple; just put the word anal in front of different car models that are on the road - e.g. Anal 206 or Anal Benz. What can I say, I'm super mature.
To start, the first player starts by naming either a fictional character, celebrity, musician etc.. So if the person chooses James Bond, for example, the next person has to think of another character whose name starts with the first letter of the last name just mentioned. The next person could say Bob Dylan and then the next person would need to come up with someone whose name begins with D, and so on and so on. If alliteration occurs, like Lindsay Lohan, then the player rotation reverses. This can also be used as a fun drinking game.

The rules - try to make rude words out of the letters/numbers in the number plate. SIMPLE. Another variation, one that's more family friendly, is to use the last three letters of the plate to create a story. For example, a plate ending FRS, you choose a persons name for the first letter, an animal, object or action for the second and the third for where the character was doing it. FRS = Fran, Rollerblading, Sweden. You can make it as clean or unclean as you like.

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