How You Like Me Now?

So many changes and it's only the 6th January 2017 - I finally purchase my own domain, huzzahh! I have also simplified the design and layout of my site and I'm pretty pleased with the result, what do you guys think? I still need to make a few tweaks but I'm actually useless at this kind of thing so baby steps are required. I'll get there in the end. 

The important thing is that I'm here and I'm ready to take on this year. I've always known that the key to making anything successful is to put one hundred and ten percent of yourself into it; empty promises and half-arsed intentions will not create success. I realise that I need to apply a little elbow grease. If I want to make this work then I have to make it work. Anyway, I digress.

I'm hoping to come up with a rad weekly series to keep me on track. I could even bring back Womanhood Wednesday if you miss that? Who knows. Any and all ideas are welcome.

So, let's do this shit. Pretty please leave a comment letting me know how you like the new layout or with any suggestions for weekly posts or just to say hello. HELLO!. 


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