20 Thoughts Everyone Has In January

1. Dry January is going to be so easy. 
2. Shit. What about that gig on the 27th? Maybe I'll drink water.
3. I definitely wont. 
4. What shall I do with all of this Christmas Chocolate?
5. I should probably just eat it to get it out of the house. 
6. It's cool I'll have chicken and broccoli for lunch. 
7. Healthy eating is a finnneeeeee.
8. Why am I starving?
9. I'll drink green tea to suppress the hunger pains. 
10. Maybe just another bar of Galaxy... 
11. I should exercise. 
12. Yoga looks low-impact and relaxing. 
13. How in the hell am I supposed to get my leg there?
14. I've broken my fucking hip. 
15. The laying on the floor move is my favourite. 
16. Do I need the toilet? Damn you green tea. 
17. I'll set my alarm an hour earlier to go to the gym before work. 
18. Today has been so tiring. Maybe I should relax and watch Parks and Recreation. 
19.*Wakes to Alarm* 
20. Wow, I ache SO much from all of that Yoga. I should take today to recover and start again tomorrow... 

Joking aside. I am definitely working out tomorrow.



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