15 Genius Camping Hacks

1.  Attach a headlight to a large water bottle to create an instant lantern. 

2. Need to get your fire started fast? Doritos are a great substitute if you run out of kindling.

3. Place Sage around your tent and campfire to keep those pesty Mosquitoes away. 

4. Create your own campfire candles for a prettier setting or to add a little romance to your camping trip. 

5. Invest in a wearable sleeping bag or "nap sack" as they are often called - Poler do some sweet ones. 

6. Store your toilet roll in an old coffee container to keep it dry and clean. Top Tip - make an incision in the side of the container to create a space for the toilet roll to feed through. 

7. Glue sandpaper to the lid of your matchbox container for easy striking on the go. This is an awesome hack for BBQ's too!
8. If you plan on hiking during your trip, be sure to buy some reflective trail marking tape to avoid getting lost. 

9. Use foam floor tiles to make your stay more comfortable. 

10. Store your eggs in a bottle to save time and effort when making your breakfast. 

11. Stuff old toilet roll with dryer lint for on the go fire starters.

12. Stay fresh with a DIY camp shower.

13. Make freshly ground coffee with just a filter and some dental floss. Then use it just like a tea bag! 

14. Create single-use soap with a knife or a vegetable peeler to cut down on wastage. These handy slices can also be used on bug bites! 

15. Forget about the extra luggage - stuff your empty sleeping bag case with clothes to create a perfectly assembled pillow.

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