Womanhood Wednesday | 20.07.2016

Remember when I came up with this great idea to run a weekly series and then failed almost immediately? Sound familiar? Well, I'm bringing it back. You seemed to enjoy the two instalments that I did manage to publish (yes I'm terrible) and so I thought I'd give it another try. I'm not making any promises this time, although it will always be posted on a Wednesday (I mean I've already made the picture) - it might be next Wednesday or it might be a Wednesday next year some time. Who knows? If you want the 411 on this little series then check out my first post here or if you're up to speed, lets jump right in.

Periods. Let's talk about periods. My uterus is currently trying to destroy me from the inside and I'm on the verge of having a break down because my fan keeps getting hair in my eyes but I'M SO FUCKING HOT AND I NEED THE FAN AND THIS BOBBLE ISN'T STRONG ENOUGH AND I JUST CANT COPE... you feel me? I just found this quiz on Buzzfeed called "What Per Cent Evil Is Your Period?" and I did it and the results are 72% evil. So that's great. 

On a slightly lighter note - get it? God I'm gross. Here is my Woman Crush Wednesday for the week.

photo taken from Iskra Lawrence's IG - @iamiskra

Iskra Lawrence is such a beauty - not just physically but she is also an incredible role model for young girls and women that are struggling with positive body image. Iskra is recognised as a plus size model and although I personally find it hard to believe, I'm no expert on the modelling industry and how it works. What I do know is that Iskra promotes a healthy body image and happily embraces her body and encourages all women to do so. Looking through Iskra's Instagram feed is so inspiring and incredibly refreshing - she makes me want to embrace my body.

Who else is addicted to Pokemon Go? I'm not "jumping on the band-waggon" on this one because I've always been addicted to Pokemon. Way back when it was extremely uncool to collect the cards. Yep, that was me. Anyway, check out this totally genius way that Planned Parenthood used Pokemon to promote safe sex... full story here.

I mentioned in my previous post when discussing my favourite podcasts that the ultimate #GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso has her very own podcast called 'Girlboss Radio' where she interviews wonderfully talented women from across the globe to gain insight into their lives and to empower other women to have limitless dreams. It's a great listen and it's free on the podcast app store, so get subscribing. 

If you have anything to add then please do leave it in the comment box - I'm always looking for inspirational women to follow, new links, or just book/music recommendations. 

I'm not sure when the next instalment will be but if you don't want to miss it then look out for the #WomanhoodWednesday tag on my Twitter (@earendilly) as I will be sharing the posts on there! 

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