Womanhood Wednesday | 09.03.2016

You made it! Welcome to the first Womanhood Wednesday, my new weekly instalment of all things awesome; check out my previous post if you'd like the full low down but in brief - each week I'm going to be bringing you my new discoveries. It might be cool articles, inspiring women, subscriptions, book recommendations or even just encouraging quotes. Womanhood Wednesday is here to support women and celebrate them on a weekly basis.

This week I've got some corkers, so let's get on with it shall we?

 Lenny Letter - http://www.lennyletter.com/

I'm sure most of you have heard of Lena Dunham? Well she's basically the best person in the world (shared equally with Amy Poehler) and the incredibly talented writer of a little show called GIRLS and Author of the incredibly successful 'Not That Kind Of Girl'.

What you might not know is that Lena and her friend/fellow feminist Jenni Konner run a weekly newsletter called Lenny Letter. You can sign up to the newsletter on the link above and twice weekly you will receive brilliantly written articles on everything from feminism and politics to style and friendship. Oh and it's totally free!

Women and Masturbation. A topic that for so long has been hidden behind a veil of embarrassment and outdated cultural beliefs that in today's society, no longer exist. NEWSFLASH. Masturbation is not an invite only club for men...

Women's sexual pleasure is just as important and we need to accelerate the transition so that in the future, women wont need to feel ashamed to admit they masturbate.

OMGYES is an awesome website and subscription service exploring the different ways and techniques in which women find pleasure. The idea is that by watching other women demonstrate and talk about their favourite techniques, will empower other women to try it out for themselves, because the more we know, the better is gets. Emma Watson has admitted that she's a fan of the website and whilst it's expensive, its 'worth it' and I couldn't agree more. 

You can check out the free sample they have on their website and decide for yourself. 

15 Tweets About Vagina's Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Just because.... LINK

Model and Feminist Myla Dalbesio first caught my attention when I was reading an article on Elle about models and how they should bear more responsibility to young girls when it comes to positive body image. I stumbled across her again on Instagram a few weeks ago and seriously, this girl slaaaaayyysss. Not only is she incredibly proud to be a woman, but she's not afraid to speak up;

“It’s about taking ownership of ourselves again. The other day I took a photo of some headline from Cosmo about sex parties or something, and I put it on Instagram, and then someone commented—some random dude with a private account—something like, ‘Is exploiting your body the only thing that you know how to do?’ I just was so offended, because I’m like, ‘This is, like, what men have been doing to us since the dawn of time, and for a woman to own her body and her sexuality—how is that bad?’ She’s taking back her power, and yet this is offensive somehow, when [her power has] been sucked from her forever?

I hope you've enjoyed my first instalment of Womanhood Wednesday, make sure to follow the hashtag #WomanhoodWednesday on Twitter and let me know your thoughts down below.

Before I go, I'm going to leave you with this incredible article from Huffpost Women showing you pictures of women protesting all around the world. Enjoy!

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