Happy International Women's Day

What is uppppppp my ladies? It's the 8th March which means it's officially International Women's Day or International Working Women's Day as it was originally known. How have you celebrated? Burned your bra or braided your arm pit hair? Terrible stereotypes aside (although I'm definitely thinking about fishtailing my pits) I hope your day has been filled with happiness, love and support. 

As a feminist; I love discovering and learning more about the subject I'm so passion about - women/womanhood/us. So I got thinking, maybe it would be cool to share some of my finds? Whether it's articles, books, essays, subscriptions or just pictures of breasts, because they're awesome - I want to celebrate being a women all year round. 

From tomorrow onwards and every Wednesday for the foreseeable future - 'Womanhood Wednesday' will be born. I'm not tottaalllyyy sure what time the first post will go live but I will be sharing it on all my platforms and using the #WomanhoodWednesday - so get involved you beautiful people. 

If you'd like a clue as to one of tomorrow's taboo topics.... click read more.


I'm going to be discussing masturbation; why it's awesome and why it shouldn't be taboo. Oh and loads loads loads more. See you tomorrow for lots of fun and swear words.

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