Hello 2016

Can you remember when you where at school and after the summer break you would return and feel like you'd forgotten how to hold a pen and write? That is how I feel, right now. My last post was way back in November and not without good intention, I have tried to sit down and write something. The problem I have is that writing is my passion and I don't want to force something I enjoy because it will end up becoming a hindrance. Life gets in the way sometimes and you have to let it happen. Plus, I've never been about the numbers; I just want to produce well written posts and hopefully bring some kind of enjoyment to those who choose to read it. Before I get carried away, Happy New Year!

So what do I hope 2016 will bring?

Honestly, all I want is to keep growing, on a personal level that is (although I wouldn't mind a couple of extra inches); I want to fully immerse myself into the research and practise of Feminism, actively, and hopefully make a difference, in some way. I want to nail the Astavakrasana pose in my yoga practice. I hope to read more; I've even set myself a book challenge on the Goodreads app. I simply want to grow as a person and carry on living a happy and healthy life in 2016.

Travel goes without saying - the more the better. I'm going to America in February which I'm stoked about. We are also trying to save for a camper-van so that we can travel freely without having to worry about accommodation or transport. Lots of exciting times are ahead.

Awesome unrelated news - I've just finished watching Making A Murderer, the Netflix documentary that the whole world is talking about and with good reason, it's awesome. Just set aside a day for yourself and watch it, you will not regret it. If you have watched it, what did you think *without any spoilers of course*?

something you might appreciate if you have watched it....

What are your hopes for 2016?

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