10 New Year's Non-Resolutions

 Because I like being me. Haters, keep hating.

1. I will continue not to bring lunch to work and instead pay for the ridiculously over-priced salad's in my local deli.

2. I resolve to keep not caring about the amount I swear/curse or whether it's 'lady-like' because I could not give a bag of dicks.  

3. I promise not to stop fighting for the unequal treatment of women.

4. I resolve to keep talking to my dogs like they are my children. On the subject of dogs, I will continue to show everyone I meet pictures of my dogs whether they want to see them or not. LOOK HOW FUCKING CUTE THEY ARE!!!! 

5. I resolve to keep buying fancy new underwear but only ever wearing my 'old ones with holes in' because thongs are not comfortable

6. I promise not to start brushing my hair in the morning and then moan when it's frizzy. 

7. I will continue not to choose the healthy option over chocolate if what I actually want is chocolate. 

8. I plan to keep not plucking my eyebrows because I simply don't care enough about them and society can go to hell if it thinks it can tell me that I should. 

9. I promise to keep trying to beat my high score on Temple Run when I should be doing coursework or other productive things

10. Lastly, in 2016, I will continue not to fully understand Twitter. 

What are your not giving up this year? 

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