10 Struggles of a Working Wanderlust

Working and being a part-time adventurer can really bum you out; working gives you the means to travel, yet restricts you from gallivanting across the globe whenever your heart desires - it's a vicious ruddy cycle. For those of us who aren't satisfied by an all inclusive trip once a year, the working day can present many struggles. Here are 10 of the said struggles we face as Wanderlust's, all demonstrated by the wonder that is a GIF.

N.B. I understand how lucky I am to have a job and to be able to use my money to travel so freely, I am extremely grateful for all of this. That being said, nobody likes a Monday do they?

1. Planning a once in a lifetime trip around the world before realising you only get 23 days holiday... PER YEAR!?


2. Not hearing anything your Boss just told you because you were deep in a travel daydream.

3. Having to wear work appropriate footwear that doesn't include bare feet or flip flops.


4. Attempting to actually do your job when most of your time is spent thinking where you'd be if you didn't have one.


5. The moment you see that breathtaking desktop photo from your last trip on your computer every morning. 


 6. Everyday #officeproblems


7. Turning up exhausted - not because you were out partying all night but because you sunk yourself so deep into a Pinterest travel hole you couldn't get out.


8. Pretending to be excited when your colleagues suggest eating at that new Caribbean restaurant as it's the 'best they've ever had' - knowing it will never be as good as the food you ate in the Caribbean.


9. The awkward moment your co-worker tells you about the deal they've just snapped up for £1000 and knowing that could’ve paid for a round trip ticket to Asia.


10. Realising half way through an epic travel story that it ends with you blind drunk in a hot tub.

All GIFs taken from http://giphy.com/

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