5 Ways To Make Everyday An Adventure

Whenever I think of adventures, I picture a scene similar to the one above or a picturesque mountain view through your tent doors. The problem for most of us is time and while I do plan to travel long-term; at the moment it's just not realistic. Working full-time can be drag and unfortunately it doesn't lend itself to 'on a whim getaways', fortunately for us, adventure doesn't have to mean travelling the world, it can be anything you want. 

1. Wake Up Earlier

I know what you're thinking 'bitch please - ain't nobody getting me up earlier' and it might seem a little obvious but honestly, it's the easiest change you can make with the greatest results. So what would you do with all that extra time? The possibilities are endless. 

Exercising is a great place to start; you could go for a run but on a different route, hop on your bike and find a place to watch the sunrise, practice yoga, go for a skate or even just take your dog for a walk. If you're lucky enough to live near a decent swell; you could head out for an early morning surf.

Even if you hate exercising, you could simply take a different route to work - who knows where it will take you? The point is that getting up earlier gives you more time to explore yourself (not like that you filthy animals) and your surroundings. It's a beautiful world guys, jump on in. 

2. Learn Something New

You might think that learning something new isn't exactly adventurous, but the moment you stop associating adventure with physical activity the easier everything becomes. If it's exciting for you then it's a personal adventure; whether it's an educational one like learning a new language, finding a new book or trying a new recipe - it's your journey. We are forever learning new and exciting things, what better adventure to take than one that will expand your mind?

3. Get Out Of The Office

The daily grind can be super monotonous, especially if you're stuck inside a stuffy office five days a week. You've got one hour for lunch - embrace life and make the most of it. The worst thing you can do, and we're all guilty of it, is to spend your lunch at your desk, it's bad for you and your health.

On a budget? Go for a walk but let your feet do the navigating; you could find new streets, parks or wonders that you didn't know existed before. Jump in your car and go on mini road-trip or head to the beach if you have one. If you live in the city you could visit a museum, a pop-up shop or even an art exhibition.

Another option is to make a lunch date with a friend or your partner - you get to socialise and experience something new, killing two birds with one stone. Huzzah.

4.  Stay Up Late

Okay, so you're tired, you've had a long day and all you want to do is take off your bra and watch back to back Netflix. It's something we all do and no matter how awesome it might seem - you could be doing something better. Yes there really is better things in life than slumping down with Netflix... not many, but there is.  

Personally, I like to go on late night road-trips. It's cool to see the world at night - everything changes and you see things differently when the sun is setting behind you. Just make your night fun and fulfilling, it's that simple. 

5. Plan/Take a Mini Trip

Month or year long travel isn't always realistic but that doesn't mean you have to stop planning weekends or days away. It can be as inexpensive as you want, you could explore your hometown or surrounding areas - I've found some beautiful places by accident and it's even more rewarding when they're right around the corner.

Getting away from your everyday surroundings ignites inspiration and makes you feel rejuvenated; the best part is that you don't need to travel far to see it.

What are your tips for making life an adventure?

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