Weekend Thoughts

I know according to the Law of Blogging Act 2015 (can you imagine!?) probably somewhere around S.1(a) that:- Taking time away from your blog for a period of 1 week or more will onset the following side effects...

(1) deeply apologising to your readers for being a terrible, terrible blogger.
(2) constant pangs of guilt.
(3) making up excuses about your hectically busy life when all you've done is watch Netflix and eat spaghetti hoops the entiirreee time.
(4) making empty promises about how you're going to change and start posting 12823472389 times a week.

I JEST. But yeah, I haven't blogged in about two weeks and I'm not going to apologise or lie about what I've been doing because a) that's my business and b) nobody cares.

I know it happens all the time but I wish people would stop apologising for taking a goddamn break from blogging. It's all a bit ridiculous but I just wanted to address the point. Lets write when we're inspired people and not when we feel like we should.

On a more positive vibe, as I was lying on my yoga mat today, relaxing into my Shavasana, I got an overwhelming sense of gratefulness; not only for my wonderful Mother (who is, in my opinion, the raddest woman alive) but simply for this incredible life that we have been blessed with. Taking the time out to make some shapes on my mat each day has erupted an inner and physical strength in me that I didn't even know I had and for that I am grateful. 

I'm grateful for sweet sweet music too so I thought I would share three of my favourite songs of the moment. On a super awesome side note - I manged to pick up My Morning Jacket Tickets for their 2015 tour in Manchester. I've seen them once before at Hurricane Festival in Germany but seeing them in their own concert is going to be so good. Stoked beyond belief.  

Band of Skulls // Himalayan - Song "I Guess I Know You Fairly Well"
My Morning Jacket // Big Decisions Single
The Black Keys // Turn Blue - Song "Weight of Love"

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