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The majority of us have a bucket list in some variation; whether it's 30 things before you turn 30, a journal full of adventures or just a general list of future achievements - we've all got one. Mine? Well, it's a list as long as my arm or more accurately my legs (yes both) full of countries I'm aching to travel to.

With that in mind, I've decided to create a little series all about my bucket list destinations and I'm kicking things of with Rome, Italy. The reason I'm starting here is purely selfish; I'm hoping to travel to the eternal city at the end of May and I would love to hear any personal tips you have for me. I have a growing number of gelaterias/pizzerias I plan to visit but please, oh please, do not hold back with the recommendations people.

 What Do I Expect From My Visit 

Lets make one thing clear - I'm not a planner. I like to stumble upon things; discover and adventure the world the authentic way, when in Rome...

I guess what I want to see is the real nitty gritty Rome. Ya know? Kids running across cobbled streets, grandmothers hanging out laundry outside of their windows, Italian mothers shouting 'tornare qui figlio di una cagna' at their beloved children ('get back here you son of a bitch'). Joking and awful stereotypes aside - I do want to see the rawness of Rome; I want to walk around the back streets and stumble upon a restaurant that serves pasta just how his mama makes it and find gelaterias that make me physically weak with happiness. 

We are planning to book an apartment with AirBnB to get that home away from home vibe and obviously, so we can pretend that we live in Rome. Duh.

I also expect to put on weight. I mean, seriously, what dumbass starts a diet in Italy?


When I'm not pretending to be a local; I'll be playing the role of tourist and visiting the beautiful, historical sights of Rome. Take a look at the top five on my bucket list:-

1. The Colosseum & Roman Forum

2. Trevi Foundation (Fontana di Trevi)

original source

3. The Pantheon

4. Spanish Steps

5. St. Peter's Basilica

After reading this post on Career Girl Daily; I'd love to visit Santa Marinella Beach which is situated about 60 kilometres north of Rome. I'm a human mermaid so the thought of experiencing fresh new seas really gets me stoked.


What are your travel tips for travelling to Rome?

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