Weekend Pictures 006/52

 We really are the most attractive couple. 

Drunken weekends call for grainy iPhone selfies. What did you guys get up to this weekend? I was out on Friday night drinking and dancing the night away. Saturday was spent visiting friends and eating copious amounts of chinese food. I will start the diet on Monday but in the meantime, can somebody say Salt and Chilli Chicken!?

As Sundays go, today has been pretty sweet. We've spent the day in bed watching Vikings - a must see series if you havent already. It's story is based on the legendary norse ruler Ragnar Lothbrok and his adventures... Travis Fimmel plays the role perfectly and is so super hot. Go on, google him.

Tonight's plans include: making and devouring pesto pasta, eating my homemade flapjack, having a Lush ridden bath and start reading 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed. I hope you've all had a rad weekend! Oh and if anyone is interested, the top I'm wearing is from Free People and I managed to get it for £20 in the asos sale. Crazy crazy stuff.


  1. Sounds like such a lovely weekend! :) I love Vikings, my boyfriend and I have recently got into it, and Travis is AMAZING! It might sound weird but I think he is more attractive in the series than real life! I am nearly finished the book WILD it is insanely good.. have the tissues at the ready.. something I had wished somebody had told me before reading it.

  2. Aww, that looks like the definition of a good weekend! Okay, I'm off to google this Fimmel dude...


  3. Grainy, drunken pictures are always my favourite! They look more real!


  4. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend, and I am now craving Chinese ha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. It's all about Rollo for me - PHWOAR! Can't wait for the new season to start.

    Tara x


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