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Happy Saint Valentines Day lovers. I hope you're all having a rad day regardless of how you're spending it. I sit firmly in the valentines schmalentines camp - not because I'm bitter but more because it's a load of old bollocks isn't it?

Anyway, before I start rambling on... how would you like to share the love and raise some money for the British Heart Foundation without having to leave the comfort of your own bed?

This valentines; Ladbrokes are asking people to create an everlasting chain of kisses by ‘puckering up for a pound'. Entering is super easy - all you have to do is post a selfie from your left of right profile, pucker up and upload the picture to twitter with the hashtag #everlastingkiss. For every upload posted, Ladbrokes will donate £1 to the British Heart Foundation and it's that simple. Pretty sweet right?

If you head over to the official website (here) - you can check out all of the photographs that have been pulled through from twitter using the hashtag #everlastingkiss. The idea is that it will display two photos at a time to create a kiss, completely at random! Who knows who you'll end up kissing? I'm hoping Ryan Gosling will get involved or maybe even Leo. I'm not fussy.

Seriously though guys, this is such an easy way to make a difference. We're all guilty when it comes to taking selfies - so why not take one that matters?

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  1. Ah. What an awesome cause. I'll he imagining Jason Momoa then... ;)

    Tara x


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