Hiking For Charity | British Heart Foundation

Back in November, Kurt and I decided to volunteer and take part in the annual High Peak Winter Hike held by the British Heart Foundation. I'd been itching to do something for Charity for quite some time and so one night, after a glass of wine or ten, I signed us both up and finally made it happen.

Being that I'm keen walker and a lover of the great outdoors, the High Peak Winter Hike really appealed to me. I wanted to challenge myself physically (the distance was 17.5 miles!) and raise money for a worthwhile cause - we managed to do both and while it was incredibly tough, it was extremely rewarding.

This trail isn't for the faint hearted, at 17.5 miles and set amongst various terrains, it was definitely the hardest hike I've ever taken part in. The upside to the duration was the beautiful surroundings in which the trail is set, in the southern most edge of the Peak District. Unfortunately, it was extremely misty on the day so we couldn't fully appreciate the scale of it but somehow, it made the walk really interesting and even a little creepy.

We started the walk at 7:30am and completed the walk by 1:00pm. We managed to raise just over £200 for the British Heart Foundation and I'm super proud of us both - Kurt really pushed me at times when I felt like my feet were falling off and spurred/convinced me to carry on. I'm so thankful to everyone who sponsored us, you guys are the raddest. 

I look like a tired mushroom in the majority of these photos but I'm happy to share them all in the name of Charity.

I'm literally Toadette from Mario.


  1. Wow, go you! But I guess with a view and scenery like that the time would go by effortlessly. BTW I am so in love with your photography.


  2. Wow, this is so great! Looks like it was such a beautiful hike!

  3. wow that looks dreamy! Great job completing it. Such long ways!
    xx Sabrina
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  4. Congratulations!! I'd absolutely LOVE to do this. :D Such a great cause!

    Tara x

  5. What a great achievement for an amazing charity. Your photography is absolutely stunning here too lovely!



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