Monday Musings | 13.10.2014

Sundays: Don't you just love em'? Yesterday was such a lovely day, Kurt and I decided to take his little sisters out for Sunday lunch and then to a pretty viewing spot in the North of Lincolnshire. The view goes all the way out to Spurn Point, a beautiful beach and nature reserve on the tip of the coast, and gives spectacular views of my beloved sea. 

We also took the Stereo Cruiser and Kurt gave the girls their first skateboarding lesson. I set up camp in the boot and happily watched them practice and tumble practice, until they could finally lift off without any help. In hindsight we should have took the Longboard as it's much easier for beginners, but I think they did great all the same.

The weather was perfectly autumnal, sunny yet brisk, the kind that brings the pink out in your cheeks and the type of weather were you can wear a skirt and a scarf at the same time.

TV Shows: I have three words for you, The Walking Dead. I am so stoked that Season 5 of TWD has started again. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen the series but ergghhmerrrggherrdd I am unbelievably happy. Also, Gotham starts tonight in the UK, a series based on characters from the DC Comic Batman and and and The Apprentice starts tomorrow in the UK. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how frickin' awesome October television is!?

 Can we also take a moment to appreicate Norman Reedus (aka Daryl). Mmmhmmmm...


  1. Honestly, Fall is the BEST for tv shows. I'm glad I'm not only one who appreciates that ha

  2. haha we watched the premiere of walking dead last night! my husband loooves it - and although it's a little much in the blood and gore department for me, the characters are really great. and daryl really is the best.

    your description of that fall weather is perfect..sunny, but brisk enough that your cheeks get a little color. mmmm. happy fall, and beautiful pictures! xo

  3. That first snap! <3 Loved the first episode, it felt as if they wrapped up that whole story line really quickly - excited for what's to come!

    Tara x


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