Wishlist | February


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Can we start by admiring how crazy beautiful the Jens Pirate Booty Tunic is.. I've definitely mentioned this brand before and they will be featured fully in one of my upcoming brand focus posts *watch this space* but honestly they just kill it every time. If you're a lover of bohemian fashion then I demand that you go to their website immediately. Be assured, you will weep. 

Billabong also seem to be nailing it in the dress department recently. I love the 4th and Bleeker collection and in particular the white sweetest sea dress, it's so simple yet so beautiful. It really wouldn't be a wishlist if I didn't include some Free People bits and as usual I want everyyyttthiinnnggg, especially that beautiful feather hair halo. Another thing I realised I didn't own but desperately needed is a fedora style hat. I found this one on eBay for under a tenner so I'm fairly pleased with myself.

I'm also clearly loving the colour orange, someone's dreaming of summer...


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