Bloglovin' & Company Style Awards

Right so I'm not entirely sure what's going down with this whole Google Reader shiz but apparently it's being axed on the 1st July 2013. All I know is that the majority of bloggers are importing the blogs they follow over to Bloglovin! Siobhan from A Girl & A Beauty Blog has written a step by step guide on how to do this here so make sure you check that out as it's super informative! You can also sign a petition if you're interested.
For anyone that does want to follow me over on Bloglovin you can do so here.
As most people will know it's that time of year again where we nominate our favourite blogs in the Company Style Blogger Awards. Without sounding like a prick I would be so stoked if you could nominate my little blog in the 'Best Fashion Blog' category. You can nominate all your favourite blogs here. I know I've voted for my favourites! Good luck if you've been nominated :)

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