The Return of Womanhood Wednesday

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was looking for a new series for the blog and a few people said they would prefer Womanhood Wednesday to make a come back, which I was totally thrilled about because I genuinely loved creating this series. If you're interested in where it all started, read my original post, but in a nutshell, I wanted to create a weekly space to discuss womanly issues, interesting articles, books, music and more, in an effort to celebrate our womanhood.

My plan is for this to become an open place where we can all share and input into the weekly content of Womanhood Wednesday. If you have any ideas or contributions for next week's instalment then drop me an email or comment below with your thoughts and I can include you and your idea in next weeks post!

The Get To Know Me Tag | 2017 Edit

I appear to have made some new friends this week, both on Bloglovin and Twitter, is this how it feels to be Zoella? Am I popular? I should probably stop before you all leave hehe. HELLO new friends! Thank you for stopping by and clicking that follow button, I am forever grateful and will buy you pizza one day. 

I have decided that the perfect way to introduce myself is with one of these tags and then you can all do the tag and link me to your post and then we can all be best friends. Amazing plan. So in the words of my boy Kel, awww here it goes. 

10 Times Leslie Knope Was Right About Everything


I'm spending my Saturday in the best possible way - in bed, with coffee, muffins and a Parks and Recreation marathon. Can life get any better?
Today's post was going to be an inspirational quote type thing for crapbag January but when I started putting it together, I realised the majority of quotes were from Leslie Knope (aka. Amy Poehler). So instead, I'm dedicating this post to Queen Leslie Knope, my favourite fictional character, closely followed by Bilbo Baggins and Rick from Rick and Morty.
Here are 10 examples of why Leslie Knope should be President of the world:-

The 99p Face Mask That Will Change Your Life

I promise this is not click-bait. 

Lets start by saying that I've tried my fair share of clay masks. Charcoal masks work especially well with my oily skin and anything that promises to draw out dirt and leave you with radiant skin is going straight in my basket. Before I stumbled upon this little diamond, I was a loyal user of the Origins Clear Improvement. I'd still recommend it, it's a great mask, but it's £24.00 and that's £23.01 more than my new favourite.

True Crime Podcasts

Whaddup nerds.
Fun fact: True crime is my thaang. I read it, watch it and more recently listen to it. Podcasts aren't new to me (you can check out my 2016 favourites here) but crime podcasts are a new discovery - much to the joy of my boyfriend who thinks I'm a total weirdo for listening to gruesome crimes while taking a bubble bath. One time he even asked me to turn it down as he thought our neighbours might think he was attacking me...

The majority of these podcasts are unfunded and obviously need listener support to keep them going, please make sure you show your support if you love a podcast and like with all true crime, listener discretion is advised.