Back-To-School 90s Edition

I mean, if you didn't own a pair of pedal-pushers, were you even a 90's kid?

It's clear from the picture above that I was a superior type of cool (just look at that leather jacket) but this picture got me thinking about the type of back-to-school things I was forcing my parents to buy me at this time of year and I thought it would be hilarious to share my must have list. 

Surfing Perranporth, Cornwall

My family and I visited Cornwall back in July as we required a much needed getaway and to do some exploring with our four legged friends. We rented a dog friendly cottage in Lizard Point and basically spent each day exploring a different part of Cornwall, drinking copious amounts of pink champs and eating our body weight in ice-cream. 

This, right here, is the cottage of dreams. 

I'm A Feminist, But...

Damn I feel tired. Not only is it Monday, but I'm also harbouring a two day hangover, all down to the fact that I drink like I'm still 19. Just to clarify, I'm not... I'm a 27 year old woman that doesn't know her limits. "Want another beer bong Abby?" - "Um, DUH". 

Who loves my tee? I bought this furry little number from Mango via ASOS (link) and it's seriously everything. Wearing it brought me a lot of attention, mostly unwanted, but it got me thinking about the so called 'bad feminists' and in particular, confessions of a guilty feminist.


But look at the cool food related quotes? Pizza for President 100%.

SIDEBAR (before I've even started), Perfetto is an aesthetically cool Italian restaurant in Budapest which I visited back in May with the gals. The food was incredible. The service on the other hand - dog shit. Seriously, if you've got all night, then go for it because the Pizza is great but if you want to leave before 11:00pm, then don't even bother.

Back to me and my third world problems. Look at me trying to shift the spotlight.

10 From Instagram

Were you drawn in by my creative post title? Incredible literary stuff I know. 

Personally, Instagram is my favourtie social media tool. I'm far too lazy to keep up with Twitter trends and I only use Facebook to watch videos of puppies. Scrolling through a bunch of pretty pictures requires minimal effort and it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye... well, sometimes. I thought I would share ten of my latest posts and then if you want to follow me, that would be cool, or if not, that's cool too. You can find me at @abvsmith

For those that are wondering, the above picture was taken at Hurricane Festival in 2012 with none other than Band of Skulls. Kurt spotted them strolling through the festival and proceeded to chase them for a photograph. They were lovely and happily obliged. Emma Richardson is the raddest woman alive.